The Last Stand Against Hillary Clinton
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The Last Stand Against Hillary Clinton

It's really coming down to the wire. Neither candidate will win in a landslide. Controversy on both sides has voters' heads spinning

The Last Stand Against Hillary Clinton
New York Magazine

As the media continues its double standards such as ignoring the Bill Clinton rape and sexual assault victims as well as brushing off the WikiLeaks emails I will continue to bring out Clinton news which I deem necessary for the public to know about. We are less than a month out from perhaps the biggest decision of the century. The saddest part about this campaign is that it seems like it will be decided on media dirt rather than substance. Some are "...shaken to their core" as Michelle Obama said, by Trump's comments about women. Yes this woman is shaken to her core meanwhile she calls Beyoncé a roll model for her daughters. I've said it in my past 2 articles and now I will say it again: A Clinton presidency would be a disaster for America. The emails and Benghazi have been literally beaten to death by the media. With that being said I've uncovered more scandals and flops from Hillary's past that everyone must know about.

In 1980 the leader of Yugoslavia, Josip Tito, died. Tito left the nation in a sort of decentralized Communist state that disagreed with the Communist ideology but nonetheless was still a communist nation. In the early 1990's this system started to unravel leading to the bloodbath and series of wars. The Bosnian War took place largely during Bill Clinton's administration. On the 2008 campaign trail Hillary Clinton made a remark in a speech that she had landed under sniper fire in Bosnia. The problem with this statement is basic history, something one would learn in their 10th grade world history class. When Hillary landed in Bosnia as first lady in 1996, the Bosnian War was over, yes it was over. Hillary made the statement in order to try to showcase her "battle tested" experience. Just something else to show that she will say anything to try and get elected.

After calling half of Trump supporters "deplorables" and "irredeemable" I think it is noteworthy to look into some of the people Mrs. Clinton associates herself with these days. Why has no one questioned the fact that there is a J. William Fulbright - Hillary Rodham Clinton Public Policy Fellowship. One may think why is that something that should be called into question. J. William Fulbright was a Democrat and United States Senator who represented Arkansas from 1945 until his 1974 resignation. Fulbright did more "deplorable" things than any Trump supporter would ever imagine. He signed the Southern Manifesto which stated he and almost 100 other members of the Congress would take every necessary action to reverse the Supreme Court's decision on segregation in 1956, he opposed the decision in Brown v. Board of Ed, filibustered against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, voted against the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and even voted against Hawaiian statehood in order to keep its largely non-white population out of the United States. In one of his final stunts as a member of the Congress he went on live TV in 1973 and warned America of the "Jewish Influence" in Congress. If that's not deplorable I don't know what is.

Another actual "deplorable" worth noting would be West Virginia Representative and Senator Robert Byrd who served from 1959 until his 2010 death. Byrd was called a "friend and mentor" by Hillary Clinton. What makes Byrd so bad? He became a leader of a KKK chapter at the age of 24 because he didn't want to fight alongside blacks in WWII. The quote in the picture below is all we need to know about Byrd:

So Hillary is allowed to praise a former KKK member but if David Duke says he endorses Trump and denounces him that's still a reason why he shouldn't get elected?

Hillary not only has a history with racists but she herself is a racist. In 1996 she called young black men super predators. Why this hasn't been discussed is beyond me.

Hillary here is discussing the 1994 Crime Bill which led to the mass-incarceration of blacks as we know today. She advocated the passing of this bill as it was shortly thereafter passed by a Democratic led Congress. The bill did do some good as it increased the penalty for sex crimes and put more cops on the streets but it largely hurt the black population. A bill with just the latter in it would've been just fine. It also allocated $10 billion in federal prison construction money but only to states that adopted truth in sentencing laws which massively expanded the period of time for many crimes. The bill did lead to a dramatic decrease in crime but again it led to the mass incarceration era that we now live in. This alone should be why blacks shouldn't vote for her. It is funny how once again Hillary denounces her former policy stances.

Her 2016 campaign has also received $20,000 in donation from the KKK. According to Andrew Blake of the Washington Times the Loyal White Knights of California have given $20,000 in donations to the campaign. The Grand Dragon Will Quigg is quoted as saying "For the KKK, Clinton is our choice...She is friends with the Klan...A lot of people don't realize that." The campaign has denied the donations but why would the liberal media publish a piece on Clinton that wasn't in her favor if it wasn't true?

Hillary Clinton and her husband also have a history with the Confederate Flag. The piece of cloth said to have inspired the 2015 Charleston Church Shooting. Bill Clinton signed a law which designated part of the Arkansas state flag to commemorate the Confederate States of America. Has Hillary denounced this? Nope.

It would also be important to discuss the rampant racism of the Clinton campaign in 2008. When running against the young senator Barack Obama the Clinton campaign did some nasty, racist things that are worth talking about. In the 2010 book, Game Change by Jon Heilemann and Mark Halperin it is reported that Bill Clinton told Senator Ted Kennedy (another liberal wackadoodle who appeased the Soviet Union behind Reagan's back but that's a story for another time) that "A few years back [Obama] would be getting us coffee." After Senator Kennedy's furious reaction Bill preceeded to say "Let's be honest, you're only voting for him because he's black." The video below perfectly summarizes the racist rhetoric of the campaign.

Yes it took a white man, Lyndon Johnson, to begin Martin Luther King's dream. To me that's the most horrifying statement because it is a blanket misunderstanding of history that should have all blacks outraged.

The double standard will continue as Hillary Clinton in each and every debate tries to push the birther movement onto Trump when meanwhile it was Hillary and her campaign who started the movement. In a 2007 memo from campaign strategist Mark Penn, it said they could overcome Obama by revealing his "lack of American roots." The video below shows Hillary's involvement in the Birther movement. Though Trump may have been a birther in his past she cannot say he started the movement as she did along the 2008 campaign trail.

The picture below was also circulated by the Hillary campaign.

It shows President Obama in traditional Muslim garb. The campaign defended the picture on MSNBC by saying that Obama "should not be afraid to appear in his native clothing, in the clothing of his country." Again, but Trump is a racist right?

Lastly, it is worthy to look into some of the women that have accused Trump of sexual assault. One of these women would be Jessica Leads. She is on the board of directors for Altrusa USA; a company that has direct ties to the Clinton campaign. This does not dismiss Leads' accusation but it does raise some serious questions. Next would be Mindy McGillivray. She was a Mar-a-Lago concert on January 24th 2003 and claimed Trump nudged her backstage. She thought it was Ken Davidoff's camera bag but turned around and saw Trump looking away. That is her accusation, that since he was looking away it was him. Priceless. It is also worth mentioning that a Ray Charles Concert Chronology (since he was at the concert) shows that there was no concert on January 24th 2003. There was one on January 23rd in Seattle and it was cancelled.

I suggest everyone take a look into the most recent WikiLeaks emails. Especially the one in that says "there needs to be a progressive overhaul in the Catholic Church." I am not a Catholic but I find it personally horrifying as person of faith that the government would try to break the doctrine of separation of church and state and make its way into the church. It went on to say that "they need to reverse their backwards policies on women and contraceptives." I also suggest everyone look into the leaked paid speech transcripts. One of them shows that Hillary said there needs to be a "hemispheric market with open trade and borders." Just the next attempt of global tyranny.

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