The Judge's Chamber
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The Judge's Chamber

Alllllllll Rise!!!!!

The Judge's Chamber

Aaron Judge has been the backbone of the Yankees power this season. With injuries occurring to Greg Bird and Gary Sanchez, Judge remained on top of his game. With currently 21 HR, 44 RBI, and a batting average of .341, he is obviously a candidate for AL MVP and AL Rookie of the Year.

Mike Trout on the disabled list with a thumb injury and would not return until the middle of July. Leaving Judge the advantage to keep hitting home runs and break more records.

Sunday, June 11, 2017, he broke the longest home run since ESPN launched its tracking system in 2009. His home run came against the Baltimore Orioles at Yankee Stadium. Traveling a record breaking 496 feet. Joining Wladimir Balentien (495) and Giancarlo Stanton (490, 494,495).

His strong start to the season has led the Yankees to create a new section for him in the outfield. The Judge’s Chambers is a section dedicated to a select amount of fans picked out randomly during games to sit in these special seats.

With all of this attention on this young right fielder, he is still focused on the team’s performance. When asked about his talent and skills to drive balls out the ballpark, he reflects on the at-bat and directly refers to the work contributed by his fellow teammates.

Can he be the next Derek Jeter?

Many may think it is too early. Or just not open minded in seeing any comparison to the captain. However, as time goes on the team needs a new captain and Judge is leading the way. With him performance and his mind focused on helping the team win games, he may be the new captain in the clubhouse.

Other players look up to him, not only for his big bat, but also for his kind heart and humbleness. He isn’t the conceited player who is over confident that comes off as arrogant.

His stats are unbelievable for a rookie. The power he displays are being shown on highlight boards and making pitchers think twice before throwing to him.

Where do I see him by the end of the year?

I’m predicting he ends the season with a batting average of mid-high .300, 47 HR, and 80RBI. Just off the fact that it is still just under a month from the all-star break. Leaving him with a great amount of time to cause more damage and give fans what they are paying to see.

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