"The Inept Bowl" -- Just How Bad is it for New York Football

"The Inept Bowl" -- Just How Bad is it for New York Football

The Jets and Giants will meet this Sunday at MetLife with absolutely nothing to prove other than which team is worse.

Isn't it crazy how a football season can start and end so fast in the National Football League? Seriously, a fan can go from so much hope in September, to talking about draft position and draft picks in the beginning of October. Sadly this has been the case for football in New York. This Sunday New York will embark on what is being called "The Inept Bowl", a game between the New York Jets and the New York Giants

These two organizations have been so bad, actually the worst in the NFL for the last 3 years and both of the fan bases have had enough. The Jets since 2017 have gone 10-30 and the Giants have gone 10-31, that is just not acceptable in this market and changes need to be made. Unfortunately though, since both of these teams have just been so poorly run organizationally, changes do not seem as if they are coming anytime soon. When these two teams take the field Sunday it will be a game that means absolutely nothing. Both the Jets and Giants are not making the playoffs, both these teams have issues that might take multiple years to fill, and both have young QBs that have been turnover machines throughout the year. Throw on the fact that they have also dealt with some of the highest numbers of injuries in the NFL and you have a recipe for disaster. It really is a shame. And the Coaches! How could I forget about them. I think Jets and Giant fans have seen enough of Pat Shurmur and Adam Gase. Both of these coaches just seem to be way over their head with these football teams. Shurmur and Gase are too involved in the offense and it is clear to see that they can not handle a full football team. There are times in Giants and Jets game where you can tell by the play-calling and decision making that the coaches are giving up. Two off the top of my head are Shurmur running the ball on 3rd and 20 late in the 4th quarter game against the Cardinals, and Gase not calling any timeouts letting the clock bleed in a game against the Dolphins. As fans the coaches want us to understand that the game is essentially over, that doing anything out of the ordinary on teams with so much talent deficiency will just lead to worse results. I call bull. As fans we just want to see our teams be competitive, go for it who cares and the Jets and Giants have been so far from that it is disgusting.

When Sunday comes around it is important for the fans to realize where these teams are. Honestly, there is no reason for any of us to be at MetLife, but naturally we all want to be there. Sunday is like the pinnacle of where these teams have been heading. For the last couple of years the Jets and Giants have been terrible in their own leagues, separate from each other but now they finally meet. In my opinion, I really do not feel that this game should have any extra meaning. If one of these teams get blown out so be it, I mean the Jets just lost to a team that is trying to lose, and the Giants just got beat by a team the Jets beat. It is just such a weird and unfortunate scenario we the fans of both teams are in. Sunday there should be no smack-talk, no conversations of which QB is better, which RB is better, because at the end of the day both teams suck.

I will say this though... I wonder how many sacks Leonard Williams will have, because it would be so JETS if he was dominate and a difference in this football game since he never was a game-changer in the green and white.

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