The Importance Of Water
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The Importance Of Water

Go fill up you water bottle and start drinking more water.

The Importance Of Water

"Water is good for you." "Drink eight glasses of water a day." Stay hydrated to stay healthy." You've heard it all before, but do you really know all the health benefits of drinking water? Having enough water in our system is necessary for our bodies to function correctly. If we do not drink enough water, our bodies cannot do what they need to do. A good way to estimate the amount of water you should be drinking in a day is to take you body weight in lbs and divide it by two. That number is the approximate number of ounces of water you need in one day. Why should you drink more water? I have outlined six reasons below:

1. You need water to live

It's as simple as that. The human body cannot stay alive for more than a few days without water. Water is your body's main chemical component and makes up 50-75% of your body weight. Your body cannot function without it.

2. Reduce your chances of getting cancer

Studies have shown that drinking more water reduces the likelihood of getting certain cancers, including colon and bladder cancer. Drinking enough water also allows your kidneys to flush out all of the toxins in your body on a regular basis.

3. Maintain a healthy weight

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As the original zero-calorie drink, water should be everyone's go-to beverage. Your body will thank you if you replace sugary drinks and even the drinks that promise to be zero-calories-and-healthy with water. Drinking actual water helps you feel more full and burn more body fat.

4. Prevent and suppress headaches

Headaches often occur due to dehydration. Even tension headaches can be linked to dehydration. Next time your head starts hurting, reach for a glass of water instead of taking strong painkillers. To help minimize headaches all together, drink more water throughout the day.

5. Combat fatigue and exhaustion

Lack of water leads to dehydration, and dehydration causes you to feel sluggish and tired all day. In order to combat this, drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up, and sip water throughout the day. Staying hydrated will help you think clearer and feel more awake.

6. Have flawless skin

Water helps your kidneys flush toxins out of your body, which quickly becomes apparent on your skin. If you want flawless and glowing skin, consider drinking more water.

What are you waiting for? Go drink some water!

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