To The Girl I Met In The Bathroom Of The Party

To The Girl I Met In The Bathroom Of The Party

When you hear "Where's the bathroom?" in the middle of a party, a new friendship between girls is always born.

Shelby Packard

To The Girl I Met In The Bathroom Of The Party,

Your eyes were red puffy and it seemed like such a waste because I knew how long you spent doing your makeup. The party was at 10:30 and I’m sure you started getting ready at 8. Your outfit was probably changed a dozen times until you finally picked just the right thing that made you feel confident. A Tervis tumbler full of a mixed drink was in your hand half gone already, and by the laws of girl code we locked ourselves in the bathroom together. Now I have never met you but I'm about to confide in you with things I haven't even told my best friend yet tonight.

You don’t need that boy.

I know you came here for him. There may be hundreds of people outside that bathroom door packed in the house trying not to go home lonely tonight but I know he is the only one that you see in this crowd. I know you have been talking to him for weeks now, and coming here, you were scared that maybe you wouldn’t be enough to grab his attention compared to the other girls. But if that’s how you feel, you don’t need him. You didn’t see all the guys that followed you with their gaze when you walked into the party; the opinion of one meaningless boy has no effect on your worth. You simply do not need him.

You’re a hot mess, but we all are, so quit apologizing.

We are all here for the same reason. We are young and if you don’t make the mistakes and stay out late now you’ll be missing out on a lot more in the long run. You look better with sweaty hair from dancing anyways, so quit apologizing for having fun because I’ll let you in on a little secret; none of us have our lives together. Yeah tomorrow morning you may wake up with half of your makeup on your pillow and you didn’t even bother to change out of your clothes, and you’re going to hate yourself but laugh it off. It just shows you’re living free.

Thank you for the 30-second heart to heart.

I do not know you, yet here we are locked in a bathroom spilling our guts to each other from boys to insecurities and honestly, I needed this life talk just as much as you did. You keep saying “girl you’re hot don’t worry about him” and “I wish I looked like you,” but in-between your hiccups and your fumbling to make sure your phone is still in your pocket and key tied to your shoelace, you have no idea how much I am admiring you and wondering if you even realize your own beauty.

Quit overthinking this tiny moment.

I get it, you knew he was going to be here and you thought drinking would take off the edge. Maybe if he saw you that movie scene would take place and he would realize you are exactly what he needs and wants. But stop thinking a Saturday night out at a party is going to be where you find the MAN you deserve. It isn’t. Saturday nights most likely won’t be the place Mr. Right will be hiding, he isn’t the guy running the pong table, or the guy shotgunning beers every thirty minutes to prove his manhood. He’s going to be the guy Sunday morning standing in line behind you at the coffee shop listening to what you order and trying to get the courage to pay for it before asking to sit down next to you. He is going to be the guy in the library that asked if the chair next to you is taken. Stop overthinking in this bathroom if tonight is the night that you look hot enough to grab his attention. By the look of the girls he keeps eyeballing, his attention span is too short anyways, and no one wants a dummy like that.

Get home safe.

I understand you came here with the expectation to leave with that good-for-nothing boy who can’t even make eye contact because he is young foolish and gives into the temptation of the attention of any girl, but please get home safe. Thank you for the 30-second life talk before the new rush of girls with guy problems and girl drama rushed us out of the bathroom. Your makeup looked good, thank you for the stick of gum, and I hope you never spend another night crying over a guy too caught up in his own world to see the amazing gorgeous girl who spent hours getting ready just for him. It's his loss.


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