My Experience Of Moving To A New Place

Whether you’re anxious or excited or both, moving to a new place can be distressing. It is often an emotional experience and completely life-changing. I am currently in the process of moving with my family to a new home, and I’ve had many interesting realizations during this significant time in my life.

First off, I’ve lived with my family in our current apartment for a little over a decade. That’s a long time. And I’ve noticed that over the years, I’ve become quite the hoarder. I have 10 years worth of miscellaneous possessions filling up my desk drawers, cabinets, and bookcase. Going through all of that involves a lot of patience, organization, and, of course, self-reflection. From old yearbooks to childhood photos, I can’t help but become fully entrapped by the immense pile I have created on my floor, looking back on memories I had forgotten about.

The moment my dad gave me the talk that it was officially time to start packing everything, I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to feel. And, after 10 years, I am definitely ready to move into a new home, without a doubt. But at the same time, we are moving to a new neighborhood and my lifestyle is definitely going to change. The new neighborhood is quiet and more of a community. Plus, our new home is in a rather private area. The peace and quiet will be a nice change of pace, but for a city girl it will take some getting used to.

I think the biggest change for me is that with this move I am leaving the past behind. Although I began college still living in our current apartment, the apartment and neighborhood hold me back because it is comprised of different versions of myself, from elementary school all the way to the beginning of my collegiate career.

I want to reinvent myself and start fresh and change of scenery. Memories both good and bad, remain and linger in the nearby parks and schools I went to that are close by.

A part of me is nervous about the move and seeing the apartment I’ve grown to accept and cherish to an extent, become another empty space. But for the most part, I am really looking forward to this next step in my life, which will lead me to eventually living on my own.

Before the end of 2015, my life will significantly change. To most, it’ll seem like nothing is different. But my commute to Hunter College will change, and the emotional process of moving will have a noticeable impression on me. Old friendships, memorable places, and what used to be meaningful mementos, will ultimately no longer have a strong hold on me.

After facing many emotional events this year, I know this will be a noteworthy part of my journey in becoming who I want to be.

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