Top 5 Thanksgiving Foods, Ranked

Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching which means it is time to get ready to eat. Thanksgiving is a great time to think about everything you are thankful for that year while enjoying some great food around those closest to you. A lot of families might choose to do Thanksgiving differently but there will always be a few items that are holiday staples.

1. Rolls.

Rolls will always be my favorite Thanksgiving food. As someone who just loves bread, I will eat rolls all the time but, on Thanksgiving, they taste so much better.

2. Turkey.

Of course, turkey had to make the list for best Thanksgiving foods. Turkey is one of the foods that isn't really eaten that often with the exception of holidays. Since you don't eat it all the time, it makes it more special to have on Thanksgiving.

3. Mashed potatoes.

Mashed potatoes are another Thanksgiving favorite in my house. Usually, we don't eat mashed potatoes often so we consider this to be a treat. Just like rolls though, mashed potatoes are automatically better on Thanksgiving.

4. Pie.

Personally, I am not a pie eater, but I understand a lot of people are over the holidays. For a lot of families, I think pie is a staple for Thanksgiving whether you decide to have pumpkin, apple, or pecan. However, I petition chocolate cake as dessert.

5. Stuffing.

Stuffing is another holiday staple for a lot of families. Today, I don't eat stuffing but I enjoy making it. Stuffing has always been an item that I could help make on Thanksgiving. There are countless pictures of me as a child in an apron tearing up bread. While I might not eat it now, stuffing will always be a favorite for that reason to me.

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