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The Beam Breaker

Fan Yilin competes for China in Rio

The Beam Breaker

With only four-inch-wide surface to work on, the balance beam precariously separates the good athletes from the great. With gymnasts from seven countries represented, the balance beam final at the 2016 Rio Olympics helped to promote friendly international relationships. Based on how they qualified, a random draw determined the line-up with Fan Yilin of China up first.

This being her only event final, Fan had a fair shot at a medal since she could potentially score over a 15. She began her routine with a round off + layout after which she had a minor balance check. She connected a wolf jump to a split jump. She then competed a switch ring and a sheep jump; both were done exceptionally, but unfortunately the balance check between them broke the connection. A sissone to aerial walkover displayed her flexibility. To fulfill her routine composition requirement, Fan then performed a full turn. Performing another amazing connection, she connected a split leap to a side somi for which she had to fight to keep herself on the beam. With time running out, Fan switch leap to side aerial. After having a step on her triple twist dismount, Fan scored a 14.5 with a difficulty of 6.3 and an execution of 8.2. She ended the final in sixth place.

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