The Art Of Not Knowing

With each new article I write comes with a lot of planning. It all starts at the beginning of the week: I choose a topic, and from there I research, and study all aspects of what I'm writing about, basically I make sure I know what I'm talking about. This week however was different: I had no clue. Yes, I had the wretched writers block, yet writers block is what lead me to this weeks topic: The Art of Not Knowing.

Yes, the art of not knowing. Sounds like a topic from someone who didn't know what they were going to write about which is correct, but also Incorrect. Whenever I have writers block I have hundreds of ideas going through my head at one time, but I can't seem to find one that fits in my favor, so my way of curing this is I sit, and I think, and I sit some more, think a little more. while I going through my remedy of curing my writers block I came to my conclusion: I don't know. And you know what? not knowing is okay.

I'm not just talking my writers block, but in general "not knowing". "I don't know", seems to be the answer no one wants hear or wants to give. As I begin my freshman year of college I have so many questions being thrown at me- " what will you be doing in 30 years?" "what are you going to do with that major?" Not just I, but many college students, and high school students are bombarded with these questions, in which we are pressured to answer anything, but these three little words, "I don't know" even if we don't know. If we however we choose to answer truthfully with "I don't know" then we are stuck with stigma of , "they don't have their life together."

I just wan to personally say that not knowing is not a bad thing. were young, and we have our whole lives ahead of us. why take time from the present to plan the future? Like I said were young, and I'm going grow as a person. Things I like, my morals, who I am are not going to be the same in 30 years, so to ask me what I'll be doing in the future is almost impossible to answer.If the I knew the answer to what I'll be doing in the future then what the joy of living and learning?

I know a lot of things for example: Bad history jokes, movies, and books, and strangely a lot about king Henry VIII and much more. There's also a lot I don't know like how many emails Hilary Clinton has deleted, or how many people Donald Trump can "fire", or what ill be doing in 20 years, and you what I'm okay with not knowing a few of these things. I'm not focused too much on the future because I do not want to distract myself with what is happening in the present. Like Emily Dickinson's has said ,"Forever is composed of now's." I think this is what happens to many people; they do not want to get caught in the stigma of being unprepared, that they focus so much on the future that they forget that life is happening right before their eye, and they're missing it.

See not having a clue is a pretty okay thing, so what is the art of not knowing? It's not focusing on the future too much. It's not caring about who, or what, where you are in 20 years because your opinion on who, or what , or where you'll be in the future will most likely change. It's becoming and growing into the person you're supposed to be in life. It's fully loving and enjoying this unpredictable present. That is the art of not knowing.

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