Your 2016 NYC Summer Bucketlist
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Your 2016 NYC Summer Bucketlist

NYC has something to do for everyone.

Your 2016 NYC Summer Bucketlist

If there is one thing that is true about New York City, it's that there is no place on Earth quite like it. From the fast pace to the never-ending diversity, to the vast conglomerations of buildings that hold opportunities some people can only dream of, New York City is a place that continuously has something to offer. Cold temperatures can sure make living in the city hard, but when spring rolls around and summer is just around the corner, New York City becomes more vibrant than ever. And summer of 2016 is a time you DON'T want to miss. From specific events to the general must-do "must do," here is a start to your go-to NYC bucket list for this summer with something in store for everyone:

1. Governors Ball

Some say Governors Ball is almost like the a smaller East Coast Coachella. Eh... Regardless, "Gov Ball" is a killer weekend-long music festival featuring a wide range of artists and types of music like Kanye West, Matt and Kim and Death Cab for Cutie. Gov Ball is something people from all around New York City look forward to all year.

Where? Randalls Island Park, Randalls Island

When? June 3-5

2. Barkfest

Starting your summer bucket-list in May is a great way to kick it off. Barkfest is a music festival that — yup! you've guessed it — allows you to bring your best friend: your dog. This festival will have many fun games you and your pet can do together. It will also feature great food and drinks that make this event a must for you, your dog and some friends.

Where? Hudson River Park, Pier 97

When? May 22

4. Long Island City

Long Island City and Long Island City Piers are located right across the Hudson from Manhattan. LIC is home to many art galleries including MoMA PS1 (Museum of Modern Art at PS1). It also is in a great location at the edge of Queens, so Manhattan is a short subway ride away, or venturing into Queens won't hurt. But if you hit LIC this summer, make sure you stop at the Gantry Plaza State Park and gaze at the beautiful Manhattan Skyline.

5. Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is a go-to while in the Meatpacking District. Chelsea Market is a gem that is definitely worth going to. Chelsea Market is located in a warehouse; it contains shoppes, restaurants, markets, and even offices. However, I recommend, after shopping around in Anthropology, hitting Los Tacos NO. 1 then going to grab some fantastic gelato. You can even hit the Chelsea Piers after for a nice relaxing place to sit.

Where? 75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

6. Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC)

EDC is the East Coast Coachella. EDC is another weekend-long music festival. EDC attracts people from all over with its killer performers, awesome special affects, crazy fashion, and even amusement park rides. If you can make it to EDC this summer, you have to go.

Where? CitiField

When? May 14-15

7. Yankee Game

This summer you cannot miss a Yankee game. Or maybe another sporting event? Yankee Stadium is a great place to be on game day; the atmosphere and the fans are wild. Grab some friends, or go with family, and you cannot go wrong with a day watching the notorious Yankees.

Where? Yankee Stadium

When? Look here for details

8. Brunch Across From Central Park

Everyone loves food. Everyone also loves food with a view. Plan for a nice brunch across from the beautiful ever-busy Central Park. Not sure where? Check out Jean-Georges for a nice upscale meal.

Where? 1 Central Park West

9. Central Park

Top of your summer bucket list with a stroll in Central Park. Not much for walking? Well that might be an issue in the city, but in Central Park you can chill out and take a boat for a spin on Central Park Lake. Sit back and look at the beautiful skyscrapers and the city that sits before you.

Just a few things to hit this summer. Have more ideas? Add them to your own NYC summer bucket list... Good luck! And have fun!

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