10 Stages You And Your Friends Go Through On Road Trips
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10 Stages You And Your Friends Go Through On Road Trips

4. The playlist turns from party to chill to feels.

10 Stages You And Your Friends Go Through On Road Trips

Being on the road with your friends or family creates unforgettable memories, funny stories, and is also a real bonding experience. Wherever you might be headed, the road trip really is half of the fun - half of the journey! And even though you might not realize it, there are 10 stages to every road trip regardless of who you're with and where you might be going.

And it all starts with...

1. The excitement leading up to and planning the trip.

You and your friends have decided you're going to go ALL the way from Texas to Montana - because why not?!?! All realistic expectations are out of sight and out of mind, but that really just means that your trip can now reach its full potential.

2. Leaving, starting the road trip playlist, and having dance parties.

The cars packed up and everyone is ready for an adventure. You hit shuffle on that road trip playlist you made during stage 1 and slam down the gas pedal - it's go timeee!!!!

3. Food food food. Snacks snacks snacks.

Then there comes a time when it is completely 110 percent okay to eat as many snacks as humanly possible. There's really nothing else to do, so why not?

And if you're the friend who eats healthy, even on road trips...you make the rest of us feel bad about ourselves. So thanks for that!! #superfoods? #health? #saladsfordays?

4. The playlist turns from party to chill to feels.

Without anyone specifically stated that this stage has begun, everyone just knows. The jams slowly die down, and everyone slips into a food coma.

5. Good conversation.

After the drowsiness from the excessive snacking has worn off, everyone pairs up with a good, deep conversation buddy. Often times, this can be the most bonding part of the trip!

6. Nap time and awkward silence.

The driver begs the shotgun passenger to stay awake with them, but to no avail. The food coma is in full effect and after those deep conversations, a nap is definitely in order.

7. Someone has to go to the bathroom...

Sure enough, someone wakes up from their nap and has to go - like reeeeeal bad. Icky gas station bathroom, here we comeeee!

8. "Are we there yet?"

This is usually said by the person that didn't take a nap after deep convos.

Everyone is getting a little bit antsy at this point and is ready to stretch their legs.

9. You're 30 minutes away and the playlist picks back up again.

"Hey everyone, wake up! We're almost there!!!!"

* shuffles playlist entitled "2 TURNT" *

* cranks the volume and a dance party ensues *

10. Arrival!!!

WE'RE HERE, WE'RE HEREEE!!! Everyone jumps out of the car and takes a Snapchat and adds the geotag of the destination - it's time to partayyyy!

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