To My Favorite Teacher,

Whether you know it or not, you have had an extremely large impact on my life. Of course you've taught me the basics when it comes to keeping organized and memorizing information, but you have done so much more than that. Not only have you taught me to appreciate my education and the many opportunities I have been given, but you also opened my eyes to what I am capable of. No matter what we were doing, you always told your students to put everything they have into what they were trying to accomplish. You have instilled a drive in me that will never fade away.

Thank you for never giving up on me or my classmates, even when it seemed like all of the odds were against us. You never failed to ensure that we were doing okay, both inside the classroom and out. You were always available when I needed someone to talk to, and that's something I will never forget. If one of your students had an issue with something, you always were there to address the issue and help out in any way possible. You somehow always knew exactly what to say when we needed to hear it the most. Not many people are willing to throw themselves in to everyone else's problems, so thank you for being brave.

Most of all, I want to thank you for being a role model in my life. Some teachers teach simply for the paycheck, and some teachers teach because they want to make a difference in someone else's life. Thank you for being the second one. You have taught me so many different lessons that go beyond the classroom, and I can't wait to teach them to the children I have of my own some day. I know that teaching is an extremely difficult task. Dealing with teenagers every day must be exhausting, and to be honest you don't get nearly enough credit for it. But I know that you don't do what you do for the brownie points, you teach because you truly love it, and that's a gift within itself.

Thank you for being yourself, always striving for greatness and making sure your students did as well. Thank you for helping shape my life, because you did in one way or another. Finally, thank you for deciding to be a teacher. I hope that your future students appreciate you as much as I do.


A Thankful Student