Thankful For Insecurity

Thankful For Insecurity


Some look in the mirror and aren't satisfied. Some look at their character and aren't proud of it. Some look at their relationships and wonder if they're good enough.

But what does 'enough' mean? What does it even look like? We wonder if we meet the standards of this one little word, 'enough.'

I will tell you: you are not enough.

You never will be. And that is very much a positive thing in my book. Here's why:

If you were good at everything and had everything you wanted, you'd have absolutely no goals to attain. There are gaps in our abilities because we are human. We spend so much time analyzing other people's talents and callings around us that we forget our own. Insecurity can, in some situations, hinge on comparison. I love the quote that Einstein once said, "If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it'll live it's whole life thinking that it is stupid." Comparing yourself to someone only makes you realize that you're not enough in your area of life, but, in reality, your capabilities are different.

If I wasn't insecure, I would be unable to empathize with other people. For about 6 plus years, I have struggled with skin problems. About a year ago it fluctuated and got pretty bad, and I was hopeless about finding a solution. During that time of my life, I began to see people through a different lens. I began to have more compassion for those who struggle with what they look like, and encourage them that they are more than what their skin looks like. I also noticed those people who would hide in the corner at parties and get really loud when they got uncomfortable and felt insecure.

I get it.

I get what it feels like to feel awkward and unattractive and stupid and unoriginal.

You will never, ever be enough. Not in someone else's shoes. But in your own, you fill them perfectly.

I am thankful that I am insecure. I am thankful that I don't measure up. I am thankful that I serve a God that is my security and that I don't have to lean on myself or others for validation. He is enough, and you are enough because of him.

Walk in your own soles.


Cover Image Credit: Darnell Gibson Photography

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Poetry On Odyssey: Some Days

A poem that reminds you that you're not alone.


Some days,

You dread the sound of your alarm. You snooze and snooze and snooze and snooze.

When you finally pull yourself out of bed, pressed time forces you to throw on stained sweats

you find yourself chugging a cup of coffee.

You sit on the couch and contemplate calling out of work

You caught the stomach bug,

Or perhaps the flu,

Maybe you broke your collar bone

Or need a new phone

The endless list of excuses repeats through your head as you sit on the couch, wishing you were still in bed.

It takes every ounce

Every breath

Every fiber of your being to pull yourself off the couch

And into the car

And into the building where you work

Some days,

This is just how it goes

You are not alone.

Some days,

You awake to the beautiful sound of birds

Chirping outside your window

The sun sneaks its way into your room

A smile creeps across your face as you realize you are awake to see a new day

You make a good breakfast

You read a few pages of your favorite book

You get your mind ready for the things it will accomplish today

Before you know it you've worked an entire day

Your job is done

As you pull into your driveway,

you take a few breaths

Feeling grateful for another meaningful day.

Some days,

This is how it goes

You are not alone.

Every day is a gamble,

Every day is a gift

The key to getting more good days

Is believing that everyday is one.

You are not alone, this is just how it goes.

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