Hey Tallahassee, Thanks For The Memories
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Student Life

Hey Tallahassee, Thanks For The Memories

I enjoyed the simulation for four long years, but now it's time for me to go.

Hey Tallahassee, Thanks For The Memories
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May 1st, 2020 was going to be my official commencement ceremony from Florida State University. Unfortunately, for me and my peers across the nation, we'd be missing out on our commencements because of the global pandemic. Even though I wouldn't be donning my cap and gown, walking across the stage at the Civic Center, and shaking Thrasher's hand, I knew that my four years in Tallahassee would make up for it in the end.

As I sit at home on the day of my graduation, I think about all the time spent in Tallahassee, that weird city that we deemed "the simulation." There were so many things I had planned to do before I left to move back home, and most of them involved drinking. My final week before graduation was supposed to go like this:

Monday- Mandatory Make Out Monday

Tuesday- Recess

Wednesday- GVO

Thursday- Bulls

Friday- Graduation at 2 p.m., Happy Hour at College Town at 5 p.m.

I was going to do it all. I was going to push myself to the limits and make my last week as an FSU undergrad the best one yet.

But, things changed, and my final semester at FSU was kinda screwed. We all looked forward to one last shit show in the simulation. We wanted to sing along with the Save The Clitoris guy. We wanted to watch that one dude drive his pet lizard around on an RC car. We wanted to sit in Doak and do the chop one last time.

It's kinda crazy to look back and remember everything I got to do and experience at FSU. From my first football game to my first frat party (I'm talking to you, Delts!), to the first time I stepped foot on campus and the very last time, it's been a wild ride. I never knew that leaving home and going away for school would be the best decision I ever made.

Of course, there were the hardships and my low points. There was heartbreak and hurt, which were quickly healed with friendships and plenty of pool parties. When I felt myself wanting to give up, I remembered I had the support of friends and family, which kept me going. Without them, none of this would have been possible.

I'm going to miss Tallahassee and FSU. There was a lot of unfinished business between me and that city, but I know that I can always drive up there and make up for the lost time. I'll finally have my last Happy Hour and run across the field at Doak and have one final dip in Westcott. Tallahassee and FSU aren't going anywhere and I know that even with all the glitches in the simulation, they'll always be there for me.

So thank you, FSU, for bringing me in and helping me find my place. I'm so proud to be a Nole and I am forever grateful to be a graduate of Florida State University. Thank you, Tallahassee, for showing me that there was more to the city than just college football and politics. I can't wait until our paths cross again and we can catch up where we left off.

Thank you, Tallahassee. Thank you, Florida State.

And as always, Go Noles.

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