We take our parents for granted. It’s a fact. You ask them for $5 here and $10 there. They wash your clothes, clean your room, drive you to games, make you food, listen do your day and they hardly expect a "thank you." Their love for us is unconditional, and without them we would all be train-wrecks. So parents – this is for you.

Thank you for the endless hours of support at every basketball game, band competition, golf tournament and spelling bee.

Thank you for always being in the crowd–we always look for you, you know.

Thank you for the endless phone calls after that bad test, homesickness or even after the broken heart. Thank you for being real with us, and for never letting us forget where we came from.

Thank you for the laughs after a bad day, and for letting us be ourselves.

Thank you handling the yelling, screaming and fighting of siblings with "wrestling it out."

Thank you for teaching us to LOVE ourselves the way we were, and for never forgetting to make sure we knew you loved us, too.

Thank you for the amazing advice that always seems to be the right thing said at the perfect time.

Thank you for instilling in us the faith and values that made us who we are today.

Thank you for the attempts of helping us with homework.

Thank you for showing us that we have talents, and for encouraging us to keep climbing to new heights daily.

Thank you for making us chase our dreams.

Thank you for prioritizing Disney movies, and letting us know that dreams do come true.

Thank you for making sure we had the “hippest” clothes or never hesitating to buy us that Kit-Kat bar at the grocery store.

Thank you for the hugs when we feel defeated after that tough loss.

Thank you for the long phone calls.

Thank you for being the best chauffeur around as you trekked all over the state to make sure we were always 15 minutes early for whatever event we had going on that day.

Thank you for giving us faith in times of trouble.

Thank you for forgiving us after we crash our car... for the second time.

Thank you for always remembering what we always forget.

Thank you for carrying everything but this kitchen sink in your purse.

Thank you for telling us to buck up when times get tough.

Thank you for teaching us to work for what we want.

Thank you for singing us the songs of your generation, and making it our favorites.

Thank you for teaching us how to drive a car after the endless tears coming from our eyes as we just couldn’t get stick shift.

Thank you for teaching us to appreciate what we have.

Thank you for making all the appointments: hair, nails, doctors, dentists, etc.

Thank you for the good home cooking after we’re sick of cafeteria food at college.

Thank you for letting us explore when you weren't ready for us to leave yet.

Thank you for giving us a home to come back to.

Thank you for doing the gigantic amounts of laundry that we never want to do, and for continuously doing it after we leave for college, even though you said that would never happen.

Thank you for loving us after we do something stupid.

Thank you for believing us when it seems impossible.

Thank you for that prom dress that was way too much money, but you told us we were too beautiful in it to pass it up.

Thank you for always making us feel special and important, even if we don’t believe it ourselves.

Thank you for making our family one of a kind.

To all the parents out there–we love you. Even if we forget to say it now and then.