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To My Hometown Heroes, Thank You

To the friends that have been there since day one.

To My Hometown Heroes, Thank You
Photo Courtesy of Abbi Ross

I am not a mushy, gushy oversentimental person by any means.

But every now and then I am just in awe by how amazing something is and I just have to gush and mush about it. That thing right now is my hometown heroes. My best friends in my hometown. The people who have known since the "bowl cut" era. The flossy to my posse and so much more.

I'm not sure if I'll ever love a group of people the way I love you guys.

Maybe it's because we've known each other since middle school. Maybe it's because you still loved me when I cut my own bangs and had to wear a headband for six months. Maybe it's because we've been there through some of each other's most important life vents thus far.

It's honestly probably just a mix of all these things and more. Whatever it is though, all I know if that you are all my people. Getting in a car with you guys after months apart and flipping through our phones for music all while talking over one another has got be one of my favorite things in the world.

No matter how long it's been, when I'm with you guys nothing has changed.

We always go right back to where we left off. It doesn't matter if it has been months, weeks, or even days since I last saw you guys, everything just kicks right back into place. We talk about the boys driving us crazy, our bosses, our crazy co-workers, what we've been doing at school and at home, and most importantly, where we're going to eat. We love food and gossip more than any group of girls probably ever should, but oh to the whale. When you have friends like this anything flies.

You make me feel at home.

I have some amazing friends at college, I really do. They get me in ways I thought no one other than my Hometown Heroes ever would, and I love and appreciate them to the moon and back. They're not my HH's though. You guys make me feel at home. Being able to look over and have a whole conversation without ever saying a word is priceless. Being able to make fun of each other and finish sentences before you can even get them out is even better. You guys really are my home.

You accept me for who I am. You support all that I do. You make fun of me for being weird. You pick me up when I fall. You let me borrow clothes and do my makeup for me. You encourage me to message that cute boy first and then tell me I'm dumb for overthinking it. You let me use your Netflix in high school and know everyone uses mine. You listen when I'm going crazy over my family and work and school. You guys do all these things and so much more, and I wish I had all day to talk about how truly thankful I am that I was given such great friends.So many people grow up with friends they secretly hate and drop the moment they leave high school.

So here is to you guys, my Hometown Heroes.

We may not see each other every day. We may not talk but once a week or even less sometimes. None of that matters, because I know that at the end of the day you guys will always be there for me, no matter what. And I'll always be there for you. So thank you for being the sisters I always wanted.

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