Dear mother nature,

There is not a place to where I may begin to express my adoration for the simple magic you practice throughout the four seasons. While lying on my navy blue, cotton blanket beneath the warm summer sun, I’ve decided to write to you in regards to my appreciation. It is because of you that I am lying here; toes brushed against the soft grass, my neck being caressed by the sun; enjoying myself thoroughly on this pleasant Saturday afternoon. While resting here, I’ve conjured up a list of thank yous, because really, you deserve it for all of life’s beauty that you’ve granted society for the past eternity.

Thank you for..

1. The sound of swaying leaves when there’s a breeze.

2. The shimmering glitter that sleeps on the frosted ground immediately following the first snowfall.

3. The aroma of freshly fallen rain.

4. The sound of dead leaves crunching beneath teal rainboots along the sidewalk.

5. The beauty of a dandelion’s petals scattering across the lawn when wished upon.

6. The mesmerizing ripples of a thriving body of water when imprinted by touch.

7. Morning fog that hugs the lake alongside dewed grass for early morning runs.

8. When puffy clouds paint a pale blue sky.

9. The breathtaking leaves on trees that somehow decease each fall, but magically revive each spring.

10. Melodious birds.

11. The feel of soft, sun kissed grass beneath newly painted toes.

12. The melody of dismal rain drops slamming against the roof and it’s windows.

13. The sweet smell of greenery when a neighbor is snipping away at their lawn.

14. The verses of waves violently crashing against the shore line while the sun embraces the horizon each night.

15. Bunnies that frolic in the yard and eat away at weed stems.
16. The split second after I’ve been sitting in the sun for a while and open my eyes to see my surroundings as a dull painting.

17. Ominous clouds and air immediately before and following of a storm break.

18. The sensation of sunlight massaging my body, leaking into every stressed pore.

19. Kissing our gardens and the plants that thrive within them to nurture and nourish their roots.

20. The sound of a street puddle being driven through immediately following a refreshing rain shower.

Thank you mother nature, for healing us all when we are distressed, ill, exhausted. I am sending gratitude your way in the most humble way.

Thank you.