Thank You Letter To My Parents

Mom and Dad,

Now that it's Christmas break, you are going to be getting your fill of me for a whole month. I am sure that by the end of these four weeks you will be ready to ship me back to school, but I thought that I would take this time to thank you for the things I take for granted, and never seem to remember to thank you for.

Thank you for sending me to college. I may complain about homework, tests, endless hours in the library, and saving money, but I need to be thankful that I am here. Not everyone gets to go to college, and not everyone will have the college experience I have, and I thank you for that. College is not supposed to be easy, but good things don't come easily.

Thank you for your support. No matter what major I chose, what sorority I'm in, you are nothing but supportive. You give 100 percent of your support, whether it be sharing my articles on your Facebook pages or wearing my sorority stickers on game day and coming to the parent events, and it makes me feel so unbelievably loved.

Thank you for answering my phone calls. I may call you 10 times a day, but it doesn't matter. You almost always pick up the phone and talk to me for as long as I need you to. It's hard to be a college student; you understand that sometimes I just need to hear a familiar voice. Our daily phone calls get me through the week, no matter how hard it the week may be.

Thank you for the encouragement. It doesn't matter how bad I do on a test or how terrible a class is for me, you are always there to offer some sort of encouragement. Things as simple as a good luck text before a test I am nervous about do so much, whether you know it or not.

Thank you for accepting my flaws. I'm annoying, bratty, stubborn, and you accept me. You don't try to change me, you just ask me to try to reign in my stubbornness and to be open to more things and to accept when I'm wrong. You love me unconditionally, no matter how mean I accidentally am to you, no matter how bad I may do in a class, no matter how cynical I can be, and for that I am forever thankful.

With love,

Your annoying, bratty, stubborn, but thankful daughter.

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