10 Things My Boyfriend Does That Makes Me Say 'Thank You'

10 Things My Boyfriend Does That Makes Me Say 'Thank You' Every Day

I can't thank him enough.


My boyfriend is my person. I can share all of my secrets with him and show him a side of me no one else understands except my family. When I spend time to reflect on life, I always think about him and especially all of the little things he does that I never really say thank you for, but always feel grateful about. Here are some of the things I need to thank him for:

1. Making sure I eat dinner every day.

When you're running on a busy schedule and live alone, there are not many people to hold you accountable. But he always checks in with me, whether we're together or not, about what I ate for dinner or when I am going to get my dinner.

2. Listening to me complain.

And I complain A LOT. Whether I'm just frustrated and venting or upset with myself for a dumb reason, he always does his best to just sit and listen to what I have to say.

3. Printing out my homework.

When I don't have time to make it to the computer lab, he always goes and prints out my assignments, papers, or notes. Even if he doesn't have time either. Just to make my life a little easier.

4. Filling up my water bottle every night.

Whenever he comes over to do homework or hang out, he always goes all the way downstairs to fill my water bottle before he leaves. How can you not be grateful for a guy that keeps you hydrated?

5. Nonchalant compliments.

Even when I look like I just hopped off the hot mess express, he always finds something to compliment me on. And that just always makes you feel a little less like a mess.

6. Selfies.

A lot of people hate taking pictures. But over our 2.5 years of dating, he's become more and more open to stupid selfies and taking pictures every time we go somewhere.

7. Paying for dinner. 

Whenever we go on dates, he is more than happy to pay for dinner. Don't get me wrong, if I want to he lets me. But always lets me know he doesn't mind, which is really nice.

8. Smiling at me.

Whenever I'm sitting confused or upset or just zoning out from stress, he always smiles at me. And who doesn't feel good when someone is genuinely smiling at them? It always makes me feel relaxed for at least a moment before I have to move on with the rest of my stress.

9. Knowing how to use comedic relief.

He just always knows the right jokes to change my entire mood when I'm feeling down. And you need someone like that in your life.

10. Being there for me.

Even when the most minor issue in the world comes up, he's there to help me solve it. He picks up whenever I call even if it is just to say hi. He shows up when I need him and even when I don't. He really is my person.

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I've been in many long-lasting relationships and the more I was in the more I understood that time isn't always the answer. I was friends with a guy for four years before we decided to be together and then we lasted exactly seven months and I think I realized a little that just because we had such a long history did NOT mean our relationship was solid.

Recently I've watched so many people who have been together for so long crash and burn. I've seen four years, ten years, and even marriages end when you would think the opposite. Time means nothing, time is just a measurement of seconds, minutes, hours, not the measurement of how well a pair works or how close they are.

Time is nothing to determine a relationship, time is there to determine the time of day so don't let it determine your relationship. If you feel close to someone, then don't let people tell you it is too soon to tell. I've seen couples who have been together for two months get married and live a lasting life together. Time is just a number, it is not a measurement of a relationship, friendship, or marriage.

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To The Girl Telling Herself She Doesn't 'Catch Feelings,' Stop Lying To Yourself

"Catching feels" is not synonymous with a sickness, but with embracing the human capacity to feel that we all too often neglect.


We're all guilty of it. We think we have this incredible Great Wall of China protecting our vulnerability; however, we tend to overestimate its security with defense mechanisms that could potentially hurt us in the long-term, concerning the formation of future relationships.

We must let others in to embrace the process of falling for someone

If you're like me, constantly busy and preoccupied with life's demands (sometimes going days without proper inhalation and exhalation), we become almost numb and ignorant of our emotions, mostly as a result from not putting ourselves out there. But this lack of experience is wrongly mistaken for the notion of attachment resistance. It's OK to focus on yourself, but after a while, it is necessary and fun to reawaken those feelings and jubilant moods associated with falling for someone, because in the midst of life's madness, we often forget how to feel.

Do not attempt to avoid to "catch feels" like it's the plague

We're consistently bombarded with false advice from society to avoid "catching feels," or falling for someone, no matter the costs. Why is it suddenly so frowned upon to actually like someone you met? Why should we feel shame in wanting to continue a relationship with this person? Dating is evidently complicated in the 21st century, but don't let this make you try to consciously repress those newly-formed feelings since repression essentially leads to escalation. Embrace the feels because it's the human thing to do.

Loosen your wall's bricks with vulnerability

Some of our jerk-alert senses are more activated than others, mostly due to past experiences, but it's important to hammer into our heads that they're not all the same.

Stop lying to yourself. No matter how much you repress it, you will feel, you will get attached, and you will allow yourself to do this, despite what the norm is for what "dating" is today. Break off from your defense mechanisms and your wall will slowly follow. Remember: "catching feels" is not synonymous with sickness, but with embracing the human capacity to feel that we all too often neglect.

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