A Thank You Letter To My Parents
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A Thank You Letter To My Parents

Thanking my parents for all that they do.

A Thank You Letter To My Parents
Caroline Cook

This letter is directly to my parents. My biggest supporters and the most caring people I know. Before you read this just know that I appreciate the both of you more than the words to follow could ever describe.

You both have told me many times before, that the day you had kids was the day you devoted yourselves to us and nothing else. I have been blessed to have parents that make this their motto. Most parents say they put their kids before anything else but you two literally do. Ya'll put your own personal needs second to ours. You have literally made us number one priority our entire life.

Thank you for setting an example I actually want to follow. You two have raised me in a way that makes me want to follow in the steps of both of you. It makes me want to raise my kids the way you raised me. You taught me how to be respectful but still stand up for myself and what I believe in. You taught me the importance of commitment and to never quit. Ya'll have raised me to be a confident young woman and to believe in myself. You both made me who I am today and there are no words that could thank you enough for that.

Thank you for showing me what it's like to have a close family. The four of us are closer than most families I've met. We are "the wolf pack" for a reason. You both taught us that family is first no matter what. We've been through challenges and struggles throughout our life but one thing remained, we are still family. We have each others backs through absolutely everything thanks to the both of you. When I have a family of my own one day this will be the most important lesson I take with me. This family is my backbone.

Thank you for giving me an amazing life. If there's one thing you get out of this whole letter, let it be this. You two gave me the life most kids dream of. You worked so hard your whole life to provide for us. You gave us a house that is homey, a great community to grow up in, freedom to play the sports I wanted to play, and most importantly a happy life. Yeah there were difficult times, but throughout any of the struggles, the two of you always managed to make us happy.

Thank you for never giving up on each other. You two show me every day what its like to be committed to someone forever. This is an example I will always cherish. You show me what love and marriage truly is but you also show how to conquer the hard times. I can only hope to have the marriage and love that the both of you have.

Thank you for pushing me to be the best I can be. You two have challenged me and pushed me to the point of me lashing out or pitching a fit. Making me do something I didn't want to do turned out to be lessons that I needed. Those "you'll thank me later" moments... well here I am thanking you for that.

Most of all, thank you for loving me. Loving me unconditionally and wholeheartedly.

I love you both forever.


Your daughter.

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