10 Texts You Send To Your BFF During Finals
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10 Texts You Send To Your BFF During Finals

"Are you done yet?"

10 Texts You Send To Your BFF During Finals
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Whether your best friend is at school with you, or you spend your time away from each other different schools, we all feel the same way towards finals. By the end of a terrible semester, (check this article out if you want to properly bid this semester goodbye) you really miss home, and you want the semester to be over so you can finally start enjoying your epic summer together. But before you can do that, you have to go through the dreaded finals week. During finals week you may find yourself sendings texts such as....

1. "I'm dropping out"

This is common, and usually a joke because we tend to value our academic careers too highly to actually follow through with it. But when the stress just becomes too much, this is definitely a feasible and reasonable text to receive.

2. "My professors are out to ruin me"

We're always convinced that a heavy workload and tough assignments mean that our professors hate us and want to see us fail. This isn't always the case, many times they just plan their syllabi with lots of work due at the end of the semester.

3. "Should I sleep or study?"

When you know your best friend has been studying for days on end and has often not been sleeping because of it, you suggest sleep. The work will still be there to be learned when they wake up and at least they won't feel like a zombie.

4. "Are you done yet?"

Typically asked at the tail end of the semester, and typically asked every day even though they know full well when you finish for the day and the semester. This is code for I miss you come home to me.

5. "How high does a test need to be curved for me to pass?"

That end of semester feel reflects in every aspect of our lives, and sometimes you're just worried you may not be able to pull it together in time.

6. "How did (insert assignment here) go?"

As best friends it is your job to keep the other in check and make sure they're making efforts to do their work. When they tell you they're stressing about an assignment, normally you'll find yourself sending a text asking how it went, and assuring them that they did fine.

7."You're almost done"

This comes along with varying degrees of "hang in there" and "you're going to do great". As long as you encourage your BFF to do their best and study as much as they could, and now that test or presentation or paper is done. That means one less thing stands between being reunited again!

8."What are the best things we can do this summer together?"

When you're tired of thinking about the stresses of finals, it can be super helpful to plan for your very near and almost touchable future of summer to distract from the work you're already putting off.

9." Good luck"

Sometimes a simple well wish the morning before a test can make a big difference knowing that you were thinking of them. This also has a secret meaning that says I'll still love you if you have to drop out and be a circus clown.

10."I miss you, come home soon"

This is the biggest text to receive and send during finals week, because it's been such a long semester and you both can't wait to have no more stress and be able to make your summer absolutely perfect.

Good luck to everyone taking finals, and be sure to text these to one of your friends this week!

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