10 Things To Keep You Entertained When You've Just Reached Breaking Point

10 Things To Keep You Entertained When You've Just Reached Breaking Point

Naps are never a bad idea.

Mandi Hartman

It's that point in the semester again, where you don't know whether to cry your eyes out or sleep for a thousand years. Here's my personal list of things to do for when I'm stressed to the max. (Spoiler: they don't require much energy)

1. Face Masks!

It doesn't even have to be a super fancy mask from Lush! Rite Aid and CVS sell face masks for about a dollar and they're fairly decent. Face masks not only help lower your stress but also help clean out your pores and rehydrate your skin.

2. Do your nails!

Go for the full at-home spa night! After doing a facial treat yourself and do up your nails. (Even though they'll chip the next day)

3. Play a relaxing game!

My favorite thing to do when I've just had it with school for the day, is play a calm game. Animal Crossing is my game of choice, because there is zero stress involved. (Honestly though, when I start to get stressed playing this game I know it's time to sleep)

4. Drink

If you're of age, a drink at the end of the day is a great way to unwind (according to my roommate). For her, a drink at the end of a long day helps her relax enough to be able to fall asleep peacefully.

5. Netflix

Losing yourself in a good show or movie is probably the best way to destress. If you're anything like me, you get so wrapped up in the show in front of you that your stress gets pushed to the back burner and you'll deal with it tomorrow.

6. Read a book!

If you're feeling like you have a little bit of brainpower or attention span left at the end of the day, I suggest reading. There's been a lot of studies done about how the lighting on your electronic devices can interrupt your sleep cycle. If you find yourself being unable to sleep, even though you're exhausted, pick up a book before bed and try to resist the urge to pick your phone up.

7. Go to your local pet store and (if you can) play with the animals up for adoption!

Or your local shelter! Some pet stores require that you be of a certain age before you pick up the puppies and kittens, so make sure you ask the staff if it's okay to hold the animals!

8. Retail therapy

If your bank account can handle it, grab some friends and go to the mall or grab your card and browse Amazon for a while. The jury is out on whether this is actually therapeutic or not, but I find it very soothing. While you're out, grab a new pair of fuzzy pajamas to lounge around in!

9. Hang out with friends!

If you're not completely fed up with people, go hang out with your friends! They're probably just as stressed as you are, and nothing bonds a group of people together like mutual sadness.

10. Get creative or crafty!

Hopefully, your paints won't fall like Terry's, but if you have an artistic interest or talent go for it! Get yourself a blank canvas and just paint your feelings. If painting isn't for you, scroll Pinterest for some mason jar crafts or easy things to do. And for my fellow writers out there, here's a website for writing prompts to help spur your creativity!

Hopefully, all of these things can help you reduce your mid-semester stress just a little. If not, naps are never a bad option.

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