10 Things I'm Absolutely Tired of Hearing
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10 Things I'm Absolutely Tired of Hearing

10 Things I'm Absolutely Tired of Hearing

1. "Why do you wear so much make up? You don't need it."

Thanks but I wasn't asking for your opinion. Maybe I want to put on that sharp wing liner that took me 2 hours to perfect because I like it.

2. "Is it that time of the month again?"

Pretty sure the crimson wave isn't here yet. Please stop talking.

3. "Don't be so sensitive. Why is everyone always offended."

If you have to say that, its offensive. A joke that is disrespectful towards any group of people, religions, ethnicities or sexual orientation that you are not part of is not funny at all!

4. "Are you sure you want to wear that. It's a bit revealing."

I'm sorry my body is distracting you from your daily life. Stop being concerned with what I do with my body and life will be so much more easier :)

5. "That's not ladylike."

Sorry that I do not fit into your definition of how a woman should act. A woman is a woman. She does not need to be put in a box to be what society wants in order to be respected. This includes non-cis, trans, and binary women.

6. "Your taste in music is trash. Don't listen to trash music."

I will listen to whatever music I want to and I don't care what genre of music (as long as its good). Music is for everyone, and not exclusive to a particular gender.

7. "She/He was asking for it."

I don't even know what to say to this. No one ever asks to be sexually abused or assaulted. Victim blaming is ignorant and gross. Period.

8. "I'm not a feminist but I support gender equality."

Yes, you are. You may not label yourself as one but if you adhere to the belief that both men and women should be treated equally, that is literally feminism. It is not a man hating, narcissistic movement but instead one that pushes towards empowerment for women to education, reproductive rights, equal pay, etc.

9. "I'm not ________ but ______."

Don't try to justify behavior with excuses. If you say "I'm not racist" or "I'm not homophobic" and end the sentence with a "but" or "except," then just stop right there. It is not up to you to you to determine what it offensive to another party.

10. "Make America Great Again."

Good bye. I'm buying my plane ticket to Canada as I speak.

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