10 Goals For 10 Years
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10 Goals For 10 Years

A list of cliché things I hope to accomplish in this next decade of my life.

10 Goals For 10 Years

Recently, I turned 20. While that is not a monumental milestone in terms of birthdays, it's that start of a new decade of life. The years from 0-10 are the first decade of life you spend on this planet. These years are dedicated to learning how to walk, learning how to talk, and learning how to learn. Then the second decade hits, along with hormones, puberty, and knowing the difference between right and wrong. The time to develop who we are. Somehow we manage and are still standing tall, walking to the podium to receive our high school diplomas, and clutching our college acceptance letters that we worked so hard for.

We kick-start our adult lives, moving out of the nest towards bigger and better things in pursuit of jobs, adventure, and education. Is that what this third decade is dedicated to? To seek new journeys as semi-functioning adults? Well, I am only a day into this new decade, but here are ten goals that I hope to have accomplished (or semi-accomplished) by the time I hit 30, in no particular order, because what kind of order do I have at 20?

1. Buy A Pug.

My first goal will be to become a pug mom in the next ten years. How could you not want to own something so ugly that it's cute?

2. Migrate Towards The West Coast.

I've lived in the eastern United States my entire life, from the cornfields of Ohio to the mountains of Pennsylvania. Though I love the comfort seeing the "Welcome to Ohio" sign can provide for me after hours of driving, I cannot hide my urge to seek out the rest of the country. I have always wanted to head towards the west coast, either to the rainy northwest or the sunny south. I plan to pursue this in the next few years.

3. Spend A Semester Abroad.

This has been a longtime goal of mine. I've been to Central America and Europe, but only for short amounts of time. Spending a semester of my academic career would be a great way to broaden my horizons. I am already ahead with this goal because I pack my bags to move to Spain in August of this year.

4. Graduate From College.

I am currently a sophomore in college. I hope to graduate college with a bachelor's degree within the next few years.

5. Become Fluent In Another Language.

I am heading to Spain to seal the deal with my Spanish language speaking. I took courses during middle and high school, but hope to become fluent in the language because it will open many doors for me socially and professionally.

6. Backpack Through Europe.

This is one of my goals after I graduate college. Youth hostels and second class train rides and all.

7. Enroll In A Graduate Program.

I hope to pursue a master's degree or Ph.D. in my life. I am unsure of the direction I hope to go in, but I am looking towards non-profit work, social work, or education.

8. Get Married.

I think I would like to get married in the later part of the next ten years, but we will see where these other goals take me first.

9. Publish A Book.

Writing has always been very important to me. I just recently started to get back into the field of fiction writing after shying away from it for a few years. I hope in the next ten years I gain the courage to show the world my writing and hopefully, someone actually likes it!

10. Be Happy.

The most important thing is to be happy with myself and what I am accomplishing. Sure, finances are important, but if I smile to myself every morning before heading out the door, is it really work?

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