Tech Vs. UVA: The Rivalry Evolved

The University of Virginia versus Virginia Tech. A rivalry that lives in infamy. If you lived in Virginia before coming to college then there is no doubt that you've heard about this many times growing up. Basketball, football, baseball, you name it and people were getting way too caught up in it. But now, we have the unique opportunity to bring a new era of this rivalry to the forefront of our State and the national media. E-sports rivalries, and more specifically, League of Legends.

League of Legends has been a giant in the e-sports realm for a while now and the collegiate scene is really beginning to blossom. That is why this year the University of Virginia is creating a collegiate team to compete in Nation-wide tournaments! We will be playing against other schools for a chance to Qualify in the official Spring Split of the ULoL series and take our chances at winning money and glory.

But before all of that. There is something we all have to do: We need to beat Tech. And we need to do it on the big-screen.

This year, somewhere between November 4th and December 2nd, we have the chance to play Tech and not only have it broadcasted nationally, but also to have YAHOO! and Riot Games fully fund a viewing party for us all to participate in!

How do we make sure this happens?


YAHOO! e-sports has set up a pairing of the 12 biggest rivalries in the country, including Ohio State vs. the University of Michigan, Harvard vs. Yale, vs. UVA vs. Virginia Tech. The 5 rivalries with the most votes get to have their rivalry game selected for the casting and viewing party.

So that means that if you want this to happen, you have to vote and share as much as you can! A share is worth 10 votes and you can do this on four different forms of social media for a total of 41 points a day. You can vote every day until the event ends on October 8th. We are currently in 8th place and need to work hard to get a chance of being one of the casted teams but I know we can do it!

I know the passion to beat Tech in something else that isn't football burns within us all and what place to do it better than on a national scale! Tell your friends and spam everyone you know. Let's make this happen! Vote and share the University of Virginia versus Virginia Tech here

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