I am never one who makes predictions when it comes to the playoffs. That's usually because everyone's game changes this time of year. The teams that you are thinking shouldn't be there end up surprising you. But this year the playoff atmosphere feels different. It feels like it has been playoff time since the trade deadline back in February. Everyone has something to prove and have been making noise the last few months.

Here are a few of those teams that show they are a force to be reckoned with:

1. Nashville Predators


It seems that every year at this time Nashville has been a force. They are a team that thrives under the pressure. This whole season they were impressive, which shouldn't shock anyone. This team has found the formula to winning, which why I believe they could go all the way this year.

2. Washington Capitals

Sports Illustrated

The only way to follow up winning the Stanley Cup is the have another amazing season. They look strong enough this year to repeat. The team is one that could almost be considered a dynasty.

3. Calgary Flames


I know I am shocked to say it, but the Calgary Flames actually have a shot of winning the Stanley Cup. They have had a great season this year. The team is young enough to go the distance. They have a great core that they feed off of every night. This year will not be last that we hear from them.

4. Tampa Bay Lightning

Sports Illustrated

The Presidents Cup winners. The most wins this season. Enough said.

5. Las Vegas Golden Knights

Las Vegas Review Journal

It was a toss-up between them and Dallas, but I chose Vegas. Statistically, they had the better season. They are a strong enough team to outlast their opponents.

I may not know who is going to the Stanley Cup yet, but one thing is for sure the playoffs are going to be fun. It is going to be a good season to watch the Stanley Cup playoffs. Hockey fans everywhere will not be disappointed this year.