Teal Tuesday... Everyday!
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Teal Tuesday... Everyday!

National Champs is only the beginning for us.

Teal Tuesday... Everyday!
Coastal Baseball

C-I... N-O!

Coastal Carolina IS number one. June 30th, 2016 CCU's Baseball team not only made it into the third game of the College World Series, but they WON. They are now National Champions, which makes the rest of us that attend Teal Nation incredibly proud and finally filled with the school spirit that we should have always had.

Winning this game is already leading to big changes for our beautiful school and I am predicting these to be the biggest changes we see...

1. Students will be actively participating in Teal Tuesday. As freshmen, when the concept was introduced to us, many thought it was silly, or childish. I've owned one CCU shirt since I received my acceptance letter and I only wore it on Tuesdays as an unconventional accident. All of that is different now... I am proud to be a Chanticleer and I will rep my teal proudly, on Tuesdays and any other day. I had a friend who attended the World Series games in Omaha pick up a shirt for me and I can't wait to wear it, with the big words "NATIONAL CHAMPS" across the front.

2. Student population will increase. Coastal was always a relatively small school that has recently been bringing in more and more students ever year. As of last fall, the total enrollment was at 10,263 students. They built a whole bunch of new dorm halls, making our campus even prettier, but something tells me fall 2016 will push us into building even more dorms. This win will bring in a lot of new students because we finally made national news.

3. CCU sports teams are only going to improve and get better. Like I said, we finally made national news, and in the sport world nonetheless. This will lead to more athletes applying and attending because of sports' teams recruiting. The star baseball player at your high school should consider the "small school in the south" because we are so much more than that. I mean, even Lil' Wayne gave us a shout out on Twitter!

4. Our S.C. rivals will finally respect us. We've never been as big as USC or Clemson. We've never been as good at sports as them and we were looked down on because of this. Their fraternities and sororities are bigger (and have houses), and everyone in the state is either a Clemson fan or USC fan, but now they're choosing to be a Coastal fan. Students from both schools actually cheered us on and celebrated our win! We're finally on the map, as you can see from below, and respected as a real college with real sports teams.

Clemson University's football team was seen watching and celebrating our win!

We are no longer the "Little Guys", the "Underdogs", or "Cinderella". We are no longer that easy little college in North Carolina – or was it South Carolina? People now know us. We have a reputations and we are more than what everyone has said about us.

Bring on football season, lets go CCU!!!

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