Taylor Swift has been teasing about her seventh album multiple times throughout her Instagram and I am here for it.

She is known for her secret messages and slightly hinting about album releases through her social media. This results in her fans coming up with theories and possibly getting hyped up about themes, dates, etc. that may just be speculation, rather than truth.

Taylor is extremely smart and has been hinting at this album with secret messages since October, but the hints are getting more serious.

Here are seven signs that make me think her album is coming sooner rather than later.

1. She posted a picture of palm trees.

There are seven palm trees in the picture and emojis. All the more reason for us to believe her seventh album is coming sooner than we think.

2. The album could be a mixture of her previous albums.

If you look at the picture closely, you'll see that there are four trees on the left and two on the right, leaving one in the middle. The four on the left represent her country albums, the two on the right represent her pop albums and her seventh album a mixture of both.

3. There is a faint seven in the stars.

Of course, Taylor had to give us multiple hints in her picture to let us know what she's hinting at. If you look at the center of the photo there is a seven traced in stars.

4. A glimpse of her album could be here as soon as 61 days.

There are 61 stars in the picture, which could represent the number of days until we get new music. Arbor Day (hints the palm trees) is also the last Friday in April, which is 61 days away from her post.

5. She's so much more active on social media. 

She has posted multiple times in one day and is giving us so much more content. Which is typical when Taylor releases an album. Not only is she more active but she is using new filters that are creating a new aesthetic.

6. She posted on the seventh day of the week. 

She posted twice, on Sunday. Taylor is known for giving us well thought out and planned hints and here's just another seven that we are discovering.

7. She's sitting on the seventh step down. 

Which just hints more and more at this new album.

Taylor Swift, we need answers.