13 Pictures That Prove Shawn Mendes Is Totally And Completely Overrated
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12 Pictures That Prove Shawn Mendes Is Totally And Completely Overrated

Seriously, how can he even show his face to the public?

12 Pictures That Prove Shawn Mendes Is Totally And Completely Overrated

We all know Shawn Mendes.

Former Vine/Youtube Canadian star who achieved global fame as a pubescent teen. He's stolen the hearts of 12 to 18-year-old girls all over the globe with his charm, charisma, a relatable manner. Not to mention, he isn't too hard to look at.

At just 20-years-old, he's a two-time Grammy nominee and he's currently on the road for his second world tour. Despite his young age, he's somehow managed to avoid a Bieber-esque crisis by keeping his natural hair color, maintaining a level of innocence, and having a genuinely humble attitude.

But honestly, I don't get the hype. What does everyone see in this man?

Seriously, his hair looks far from luscious.


He's just a pretty boy who likes to sing. Is he even athletic?

Shawn Mendes Playing Ice Hockey on We Heart It


Image discovered by Clary Fairchild. Find images and videos about shawn mendes, shawnmendes and mendesarmy on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love.

I don't even know if he hits the gym. He's pretty scrawny.

I bet he doesn't even notice his fans.


Truly, he seems to not care at all.

When's the last time he went to the dentist? Geez.


I don't really see the appeal.


He only seems to attract young girls.


I just don't get it.

Lost In Japan GIF by Shawn Mendes - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy #ShawnMendesTheTour

He's not an angel or anything.

Does he even have a sense of style?

Shawn Mendes Photos Photos: 61st Annual Grammy Awards


Shawn Mendes Photos - Shawn Mendes backstage during the 61st Annual GRAMMY Awards at Staples Center on February 10, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. - 61st Annual Grammy Awards - Backstage

Overall, I am totally, completely and utterly unamused by Shawn Mendes.


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