Celebrities That Married Fans

With the recent engagements of Arianna Grande to Pete Davidson and Justin Bieber to Hailey Baldwin, fanbases worldwide (male and female) have exploded with both happiness and despair. Mainly teenage girls who have had dreams of marrying Bieber since his debut, or guys who hoped for Hailey Baldwin. Either way, these next celebrities all did the complete opposite: Married fans. Here are 12 celebs that made fan's dreams coming true by dropping down on one knee!

1. Patrick Dempsey


McDreamy's wife was once an adoring fan just like the rest of us, but she was also a hair stylist. Patrick just so happened to make an appointment with this lucky lady (Jillian Fink) and the rest was history after their marriage in 1999.

2. Nicholas Cage


Cage met his wife while she was working at a restaurant. A few months after the two met in 2004, they were married.

3. Matt Damon


Luciana Barroso, the woman who helped Matt Damon escape fans who were seemingly chasing him down. After this they began dating, eventually getting married in 2005 and have been happy ever since.

4. Anne Hathaway


This "princess" (get it... "Princess Diaries") married her husband, Adam Schulman in 2012 after they had been dating for four years. The two were shockingly set up by friends. The moral of the story is, listen to your friends when it comes to relationships.

5. Julia Roberts


What a gorgeous woman she is. The unlikely pair of an actress and a cameraman became one in the year 2000. While on the set of a movie, the two instantly connected and were married two years later.

6. Reese Whitherspoon


Witherspoon's husband's job is literally to advocate for her. He gets paid to be her biggest fan. If that's not the energy you're coming with, then skrrrrttt.

7. Adam Sandler


Sandler's wife was brought in to his life through mutual friends. She was a fan of his before and was thrilled to be given a part in his movie "Big Daddy." Since 2003 when they wed, the two have starred in a number of movies together.

8. Tobey Maguire


The greatest Spider-Man of all time met his now-wife on the set of a different movie and the two then were engaged by 2006.

9. Steve Harvey


Majorie was a member of the crowd one day during Steve's show. During that show, Steve said he was going to marry her someday. Although they lost contact for a while, the two did end up marrying in 2007, two years after they reconnected.

10. Jessica Alba


Alba, a VERY well-known actress, met her now-husband on the set of "Fantastic Four." He was not a star in the movie, he simply worked there. Maybe there's hope for everyone.

11. John Travolta


Okay, this one may not count as much. Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston, met while filming a movie together. BUT she was a fan of his before.

12. Conan O'Brien


Talk show host Conan O'Brien spotted his now-wife in the audience of one of his shows. He said he fell in love with her that day and the two married in 2002.

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