TS7: The Best Taylor Swift Era Is Yet To Come

TS7: The Best Taylor Swift Era Is Yet To Come

From the darkness of Reputation to the Pastels of ME!, we've come full circle in Taylor Swift eras.


When Taylor first arose into the music world in, releasing the song Tim Mcgraw, she blew up everywhere.

Later that year she released her first self-titled album which included some of her most iconic songs including "Tear Drops On My Guitar" and "Picture To Burn".

The country era of Taylor Swift grew and continued for the next four years as her colors got brighter and her fan base grew bigger.

In 2010, Taylor Swift released her last country album titled "Speak Now" which included popular songs such as "The Story of Us" and "Better Than Revenge".

Taylor's career was at an all-time high and there was absolutely nothing that could stop her.

Two years after her album Speak Now was released, Taylor decided to curve her career in a direction that not many people had expected from the very popular country singer.

The same girl that was being played on country radio in the year 2010 was now being played on pop radio in 2012. This is the year that her very first number one single on Billboard hot 100 was released.

And this song was called "We Are Never Getting Back Together" and sparked the Red era. Taylor's switch from country to pop didn't even put a small dent in her career.

She continued to grow and fly higher than ever. No one really expected her to make it as a pop artist.

After "Red", we were introduced to her next pop album "1989" which not only broke records for Billboard and record sales, but also broke records for Taylor herself. "1989" was Taylor's biggest tour yet bringing in a revenue of almost $180 million dollars.

All of these eras included songs about heartbreak and boys, sadness and the future. But after all of this build up in her career, there was a sudden halt and we didn't hear anything from Taylor for three years.

She was out of the media, there wasn't talk of her being spotted at recording studios or filming music videos. There was just this silence blanketed over TaylorNation.

From this hush though, emerged the most iconic era to date (and in my opinion will be the hardest to beat) "Reputation".

Reputation brought so much to the fans of Taylor Swift and will forever be remembered for all of that. "Reputation" showed growth in both Taylor as a person and her music that a lot of people were not expecting to come from her.

This was the era of dark colors, hypothetical deaths, what a reputation actually means, and of course, snakes.

This era brought the biggest stadium tour that Taylor has ever played with sold-out shows every night, attendance breaking records, and the best part of all, a Reputation Stadium Tour Netflix movie.

The Reputation era was so good to Taylor Swift fans that it has them wondering how she can beat it, but with her wits and quick thinking, there's no way she wouldn't be able to top it.

Her first single from this new era is titled "ME!" and features Panic! At The Disco's! Brendan Urie.

This song was released on April 26, 2019, almost three weeks ago, and still holds the second spot on the Billboard Hot 100 radio chart.

The music video includes bright, pastel colors, upbeat music, lots of happiness, and so much more.

This era is being called by fans the "Red 2.0" era and is ready to take Reputation's spot.

Each time Taylor comes out with a new era it is never anything that we expect - it is always way more. So bring on the era exact opposite of Reputation, we are more than ready.

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10 Reasons Why Tom Holland Is The Definition Of Total Boyfriend Material

He's the adorable British dork of our dreams.


Tom Holland first stormed onto the scene as Spiderman in "Captain America: Civil War" in 2016, and we all loved his performance in the movie. However, now that time has gone on, there's another reason he's stolen all of our hearts: He's one hundred percent boyfriend material! He's absolutely adorable, is a complete dork without ever meaning to, and he loves all dogs. There are so many reasons Tom Holland is perfect boyfriend material, but here are ten of the most important reasons.

1. Let's start with the obvious: He's Spiderman.


What girl wouldn't want to date a superhero? Spiderman is one of the best superheroes ever so it would be amazing to date the actor who plays him. Also, if you didn't cry during Tom Holland's final performance in "Infinity War", you're lying.

2. He loves dogs.


Not only does he have a cute pit bull named Tessa, but he also seems to make friends with every dog he meets. It would be so wonderful to play with dogs with him!

3. He's always down for adventures.


One of the best parts of dating someone is getting to try new things and go on adventures with them. Since Tom travels the world all the time to promote his movies, you and he could maybe take time every now and then to try something new, like surfing!

4. He's that adorable British boyfriend you've always dreamt of.


Yes, celebrities like Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch have a more "suave Brit" personality about them, but Tom Holland is the "adorable Brit" every girl has ever dreamt of dating. He's pretty much cornered the market at this point.

5. He's just a really big dork.


I mean, just look at him! I don't think there would be anyone better to laugh or do dorky things with than Tom Holland.

6. He's got a great group of friends.


I don't know about you, but I would love to hang out with Zendaya and Jacob Balaton. All three of these guys just seem like perfect squad goals.

7. He truly loves and appreciates the people in his life.


Tom always shows his gratitude for every opportunity he's been given and never hesitates to support his co-stars. That, to me, is true friendship.

8. He's got a great sense of style.


That is one classy outfit right there. And the muscles are a great bonus.

9. He's well-traveled.


How awesome would it be to see the world with Tom as he goes on promotional tours? Think of all the cool things you could experience together!

10. He's a pure ray of sunshine who deserves the world.


Breaking News: Local Boy is a Literal Angel. He is the Brightest Ray of Sunshine.

So ladies, if you're looking for the perfect boyfriend, look no further than Tom Holland.

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7 Things We Should be Talking About Instead of James Charles

Not to sound like Shane Dawson, but did the government put them up to this publicity stunt?


If you're an avid YouTube watcher such as myself, I'm sure you're fully aware of the drama between James Charles and Tati. If you're not, it's really okay, and I'm super impressed with your ability to NOT become wrapped up in trending drama and gossip. Unfortunately, this argument that is BLOWING UP social media could not have come at a more inconvenient time. Young people are so distracted by this sugar fluff honey bear scandal that they aren't talking about real news that actually matters. I mean think about it, what other trending topic surfaced at the same time as this one? That's right-ABORTION! Our nation's most controversial topic that literally has to do with life and death is being overpowered by a conversation about sponsorships and apology videos. I may have been watching to many of Shane Dawson's conspiracy theories lately, but doesn't it seem like the populace should be talking about more pressing topics? Is this all a publicity stunt to divert our attention away from subjects that matter-such as the laws that literally weave the fabric of our nation? Not to be dramatic or anything, but I can think of 7 things off the top of my head that I'd rather hear people talk about than James Charles.

1. The abortion bills

I'm not one to encourage political arguments, but I'd much rather consider a well-thought out conversation about things that are changing our nation's history and possibly reversing Supreme Court decisions than millionaires with makeup. Women are being robbed of a life-altering choice and the nation is more worried about the "tea" about James and Tati? I don't think so.

2. India's water crisis

Because of drought and serious climate change, villages in Delhi, India don't see water for 10 days at a time. They need it for drinking, bathing, cooking, cleaning, and washing, so the few jugs they can fill up when a water truck comes has to be rationed over more than a week. Can you imagine using only one jug of water for 10 days? James Charles can save his ass and use his fortune to donate some water to India.

3. Climate change, and people not believing in it

More than one-eighth of ALL of Earth's species are at risk of extinction. Over a million animals, plants, corals, and insects are on that list. President Trump and his administration are not prioritzing the environment or the obvious effects of climate change-such as the California wildfires which he claimed started because the mountains "just need more raking and cleaning". Let's talk about ways we can be more sustainable in our everyday energy use instead of using technology and our own energy to talk shit online!

4. Bill Nye's inspiring comeback

If Bill Nye has to come so far out of retirement from the point we thought he was dead just to tell us we're f*cking up our planet, we must really be f*cking up our planet.

5. An extinct species of bird came back from the dead

Okay so we're talking about makeup moguls more than a literal LIVING ZOMBIE? The white-throated rail quite literally evolved and re-populated the island it once left behind. Science is crazy.

6. Taiwan was the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage

We love a good leader. Especially a ballsy one who gives people the rights they deserve despite an entire, large continent around them disagreeing.

7. Anything else...at all

Talk to me about how paper is made or how our bodies break down enzymes or some shit. Let's watch paint dry and listen to classical music. All of these options bode a better result for our mental health as well as our society.

It infuriated me that shootings in schools close to home and terrorist attacks all across the world are more expected to pop up in the news than a teenage millionaire losing fans due to inappropriate behavior. What we expect from our media is incredibly reflective of our society, and I'm sad to say it's pretty embarrassing that the masses, including myself, know more about James Charles's career than the 2020 election or the explosions that injured tourists in Egypt.

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