When Taylor first arose into the music world in, releasing the song Tim Mcgraw, she blew up everywhere.

Later that year she released her first self-titled album which included some of her most iconic songs including "Tear Drops On My Guitar" and "Picture To Burn".

The country era of Taylor Swift grew and continued for the next four years as her colors got brighter and her fan base grew bigger.

In 2010, Taylor Swift released her last country album titled "Speak Now" which included popular songs such as "The Story of Us" and "Better Than Revenge".

Taylor's career was at an all-time high and there was absolutely nothing that could stop her.

Two years after her album Speak Now was released, Taylor decided to curve her career in a direction that not many people had expected from the very popular country singer.

The same girl that was being played on country radio in the year 2010 was now being played on pop radio in 2012. This is the year that her very first number one single on Billboard hot 100 was released.

And this song was called "We Are Never Getting Back Together" and sparked the Red era. Taylor's switch from country to pop didn't even put a small dent in her career.

She continued to grow and fly higher than ever. No one really expected her to make it as a pop artist.

After "Red", we were introduced to her next pop album "1989" which not only broke records for Billboard and record sales, but also broke records for Taylor herself. "1989" was Taylor's biggest tour yet bringing in a revenue of almost $180 million dollars.

All of these eras included songs about heartbreak and boys, sadness and the future. But after all of this build up in her career, there was a sudden halt and we didn't hear anything from Taylor for three years.

She was out of the media, there wasn't talk of her being spotted at recording studios or filming music videos. There was just this silence blanketed over TaylorNation.

From this hush though, emerged the most iconic era to date (and in my opinion will be the hardest to beat) "Reputation".

Reputation brought so much to the fans of Taylor Swift and will forever be remembered for all of that. "Reputation" showed growth in both Taylor as a person and her music that a lot of people were not expecting to come from her.

This was the era of dark colors, hypothetical deaths, what a reputation actually means, and of course, snakes.

This era brought the biggest stadium tour that Taylor has ever played with sold-out shows every night, attendance breaking records, and the best part of all, a Reputation Stadium Tour Netflix movie.

The Reputation era was so good to Taylor Swift fans that it has them wondering how she can beat it, but with her wits and quick thinking, there's no way she wouldn't be able to top it.

Her first single from this new era is titled "ME!" and features Panic! At The Disco's! Brendan Urie.

This song was released on April 26, 2019, almost three weeks ago, and still holds the second spot on the Billboard Hot 100 radio chart.

The music video includes bright, pastel colors, upbeat music, lots of happiness, and so much more.

This era is being called by fans the "Red 2.0" era and is ready to take Reputation's spot.

Each time Taylor comes out with a new era it is never anything that we expect - it is always way more. So bring on the era exact opposite of Reputation, we are more than ready.