Syllabus Week Is The Best
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7 Reasons Syllabus Week Is The Best Week

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7 Reasons Syllabus Week Is The Best Week
Alexis Collins

It is officially that time of year again. As we prepare for the months of stress that are just around the corner, we might as well take advantage of the best week of them all.

1. You get to see your friends who were gone all summer

Whether you stayed on campus, went home or traveled across the world over break, chances are you haven't seen your best friends in a few months, and there is A LOT to catch up on.

2. There are more than five people at the campus bars

Walking around campus during the summer is a ghost town, but at least there are still a couple people taking summer classes or college tours walking around. When it comes to the bars, those few people are nowhere to be found. The only people there are usually the group you came with and the bartenders.

3. All the free stuff you don't need, but take anyway from the involvement fair

Of course, you need three 15 coozies with the mascot's face on them! Oh and the 7,000 pens and pencils! Can't forget about the 25 cents off coupons for the bookstore! My personal favorite is the shirts I have intentions of cutting to look cute, but end up messing up.

4. The stress may be coming, but it's not here yet

Yeah sure, all of your assignments are written on the syllabus, but nothing is due for another two weeks; that's plenty of time! Honestly, you can probably just write your paper the night it's due. At most, the first week might have a quiz, but the rest of the semester can balance it out even if you don't do too hot.

5. There are more than three dollars in your bank account

If you were smart, you saved at least a little of the money you earned working your part-time job making minimum wage. Somehow all of your money just disappears Every dollar counts when it comes to a good welcome week drink deal.

6. There's a sprinkle of comic relief whenever you see a freshman walking around with a map

Although campus apps have helped them out a little, it's still not too hard to spot the freshmen walking around the first week. The ones still walking around with a physical map are a hidden gem but are guaranteed to brighten your day.

7. Most classes get out half an hour earlier than normal

The first day of classes is undeniably the best day of the year because it means a day of your professor reading the syllabus and almost nothing else. Your two-hour class magically cuts down to an hour (if that) and you are on your way. It's hard not to get your hopes up that the rest of the year will be the same way.


8. Getting to hear ~fun facts~ about all of your classmates

A long time favorite and a tradition that has carried on since kindergarten. Apparently, we haven't evolved into a more sophisticated way of getting to know someone other than name, hometown, major and a fun fact.

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