Your Go-To 'Syllabus Week Outfit,' According To Your College Major

Your Go-To 'Syllabus Week Outfit,' According To Your College Major

Your professor's eyes versus your eyes.

For many of you, syllabus week is the most boring and fraught week of your college career.

You are figuring out if your schedule fits your lifestyle, if you actually want to take this certain class because the professor is apparently “easy”, or that you signed up for classes last minute and you are trying to get your shit together. And of course, you do not want to dress the part of your major. But, a great deal of professors like to see you dress in the appropriate uniform.

Let’s imagine for a second and see what you would be wearing according to your major in your professor's eyes versus what you would want to wear instead.

1. Business Majors

In your professor's eyes, "dress for success" is the way to go. But, no one wants to dress like that for class during syllabus week. You would want to wear a basic tee, jeans/sweats, and finishing off with your favorite pair of Nikes.

2. Nursing Majors

Scrubs. That's what your professor would want you to wear to class just so you can get the feel of it. You, on the other hand, would want to wear an outfit that feels like you're wearing scrubs but not wearing scrubs.

3. Biology Majors

You're most likely are taking a lab course for your Biology major and you have to wear the suitable gear for safety precautions. Sometimes the lab coat can get old and all you want to do is wear a tee with something on it that says you love science.

4. Psychology Majors

Dressing in business casual attire can get old and who has the money to buy it for the semester?! Professors don't put that into perspective, especially during syllabus week. You just want to wear a reverse psychology shirt to mess with people's minds and possibly your own.

5. Criminal Justice/Political Science

Professors definitely want you to dress the part of this major to be taken seriously. But, you just want to dress in the Ivy League university sweatshirt that you may get accepted to along with some leggings during syllabus week.

6. Education Majors

No student likes to dress casual for class (no matter how cute the outfit is). Just throw on a cute shirt that states you're a teacher and you are good to go.

7. Engineering Majors

This one was hard but you have all different aspects of engineers. Your professor would like to see you struggle with what to wear for your major, anyway. You, on the other hand, would just like to wear a tracksuit and call it a day.

8. Finance/Accounting Majors

Your professor's eyes would be fond of you sporting the daily suit or pencil skirt. Your eyes would be crisscrossed because you are an accounting major.

9. Communications/Journalism Majors

The way your professor pictures your major outfit is something you would see on the streets of Manhattan. But, you just want to wear your high-waisted Mom jeans with your knock-off Gucci loafers.

10. Fashion Design Majors

Face it. You are the one who is always stylish whatever you put on. A lazy outfit is not in your vocabulary and closet. Keep doing you, boo!

11. Film, Video, and Photography Majors

Your professor would like to see you have on a baggy button-up and ankled pants with a director film hat. Since you are a free spirit, you wear every article of clothing in your closet and just roll with it.

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To The Girl Who's Terrified To Go To College

I used to be in your shoes. Here's what the past four years taught me.


Hi! My name is Caroline and I am about to be a 5th year senior at Texas A&M.; This time in 2014, I was an anxious, sobbing wreck. Now, I love college so much that I delayed my graduation a semester so I could do a second minor and avoid adulthood.

I had dreaded leaving home my entire life.

I come from an amazing, close-knit family who I couldn't imagine not seeing every day. I would miss coffee with my dad in the mornings, and being able to find my mom whenever and talk to her about anything that was on my mind. I would miss baking with my sisters, singing Disney songs at the top of our lungs, and all piling onto the same bed for late night talks. I would miss discussing books with my brother and going out of town for the weekends together.

I knew everything was changing, and I was petrified, paralyzed with fear.

When I went to Impact, which is a Christian camp for incoming college freshman at my school, a couple of weeks before move-in day, my BG mom asked all the girls in our BG how we were feeling about our transition to college. The other girls said they were fine, but for me—blubbering waterworks. It was so embarrassing and I still cannot believe that I was that girl.

I got three good pieces of advice when I went to Impact, and I would like to pass them on to you.

1. You will be lonely.

2. You will have to eat alone at some point.

And it's okay because everyone does. I know these don't exactly sound like advice, more like cold facts you don't want to hear, but they took a tremendous amount of pressure off me since I didn't have wild expectations for my first semester.

3. In your first year of college, you will see how faithful God is.

The day before I moved in was easily one of the worst days of my life because of anxiety and fear. In my journal that day I absolutely poured out my every fear to God and trusted that maybe someday I could see how He resolved them. That day came sooner than I expected.

More than just mere answers to prayer, college has provided an extremely challenging set of circumstances that God used to sanctify me, hammer out my flaws, and make me more like the Christ I've become more confident in proclaiming.

None of it was miserable, and it was never too much for me to handle—in fact, I've had the best time of my life.

I was not overwhelmingly lonely, did not overwhelmingly struggle in my classes, and was never tempted to sin beyond what I could bear. At every turn, God has blessed me, given me joy, shown me Himself, and proven Himself stronger, more loving, and better than I had ever dreamed. And if you are fearful, or even if you're not, I am confident the same will be true of you.

College is a big transition. The courses are hard. Managing your time is hard. Growing in your sanctification is hard. But it is fun, and so much more than worth it.

College is a blast; you will absolutely have the time of your life. By the second day, if you are socializing and doing fun stuff, I will be very much surprised if you aren't calling your mom breaking the news that you're never coming home—that sure was the case for me.

The truth is that you are smarter than you think you are, you need space from your family more than you might think you do, and you are overall much more prepared than you think you are.

Some final advice for the road:

Turn off your phone, stop talking to your high school friends, and go do something with someone. No one else knows anyone either, and even if it's not like you to initiate friendships, you'll end up with a lot more of them if you just find someone sitting around and see if they want to grab lunch.

The first few weeks are crucial—be social! Pick out organizations before you go, join them and stick with them. You will get more out of your college experience if you have one organization and let it be your whole life than if you try to be a little bit involved in 4 organizations.

Stay in church. Find a Bible study. Go to the Supplemental Instruction sessions. Look for opportunities to explore, branch out, and have new experiences.

For the love of God, if you fail a test (you probably will) get help immediately. Don't skip class. NEVER stress about not knowing what to do with your life; instead,

"In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your path." (Proverbs 3:6)

Be excited about college. You are young; the whole world is before you.

Don't succumb to Netflix-induced, class-skipping lethargy, though the pressure to do that will be there; instead, grab onto life and live it to the hilt, live so hard you fall into bed exhausted every night.

Throw yourself into God, trust in Him, and enjoy this adventure as hard as you can because, you heard it here first: you'll blink, and it'll be over.

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