The first week of college is usually known as syllabus week. Syllabus week is supposed to focus on sitting in class and primarily going over each syllabus with your professors. This is meant to help each student get an understanding of the class that they are taking, along with how grading works and what is fully expected of them. In shorter terms, it's a relaxing week with little to no outside class work (supposedly).

However, this varies depending on the class and the professor. One professor may expect you to have all of your books purchased and an assignment already done before the first class even begins, while another professor may let you out early after only introducing themselves.

We all hope for our syllabus week to be a time to relax and to get ourselves ready for the real work load that has yet to come, but sometimes this isn't always the case. Every college campus overflows with thoughts regarding syllabus week while in and out of classrooms, such as:

1. "I don't need to order these books yet, it's only syllabus week." *shortly after* Professor: "Everyone take out your book."

2. "I can't wait to spend my entire life savings on books."

3. "I should enjoy this week before I spend the rest of the semester crying."

4. "We're already getting assigned homework?"

5. "We shouldn't be here for the entire class. 15 minutes should be enough to go over the syllabus."

6. "Please don't make us do icebreakers." *shorty after* Professor: "Please tell everyone your name, where you're from, your major and a fun fact."

7. "I can't think of any odd/fun facts about myself."

8. "I know we've only had this class once, but you're in my seat. I claimed it."

9. "Can I drop this class? And all of my other classes? And college?"

10. "Can anyone tell that I'm sweating right now?"

11. "Oh, no. He/she is in this class. Can I just leave now?"

12. "I already have no idea what's going on."

13. "How many times am I going to awkwardly ask someone how there summer was?"

14. "What am I going to wear? I should probably look decent on the first day...maybe."

15. "Is it too early in the semester to skip class?"

16. "Having no A/C should be illegal."

17. "Wait, where am I going again?"

Talk about #relatable, am I right? As all of these thoughts are running through your head, remember to enjoy this week as best you can. Even if it seems like you're already getting bombarded with work, the load will only become greater.

Use syllabus week to your advantage because it only comes once every semester! Or you could just drop out of college completely and call it a day, but that's probably not the smart thing to do.

Happy syllabus week and may the odds be ever in your favor for the rest of the school year!!