What Summer Means To Me

Summer is the time when the flowers are in full bloom, the sun rays are beating down the necks of all people, and the bees won't give up swarming all around. It's the season when children and teachers are out of school, the time when many families take vacations together to exotic places, and the time when birds are the new alarm clocks for many people. There is so much freedom that comes along with this incredible season. The freedom to choose how to spend your free time and what you make of the moments that come your way. Summer has always been a notorious time for adolescents who can finally relax from studying hard and trying their best to complete assignments as best they can. To me, summer is not only a time to unwind and relax, but it is a season that makes me realize how beautiful life really is.

As mentioned before, for many, summer is a time that allows freedom for activities. Many individuals take advantage of the beautiful weather. The warm crisp air that brushes along your face while the wind blows from any direction. Some of my favorite parts are the moments where I lie in the grass and look up at the sky and clouds, while listening to the birds chirp. While I look around to see mother nature I realize how truly beautiful the world is. The way it was made shows the love and care for humanity. although there are times when destruction seems inevitable, this Earth is home to over 7 billion people. It is astonishing to realize that most will never see all the beauty this world beholds, but through the power of communication, we can get an idea of what our home looks like.

Along with the beauty of nature, the beauty that humanity brings is wonderful as well. You see the architecture in cities and appreciate the design people work hard to achieve. The skylines become staples for people across the globe to connect with and use as a symbol we call home. We often work together to make things happen and come together. Construction is a big part of summer, but it is something that expands the beauty that is held within the ideas of the human mind. Little children sell lemonade at stands, only to bring smiles to many faces as civilians pass by. It shows the sweet innocence that children retain while adults are forced to grow up and build upon this world for those of future generations.

Summer showcases a circle of life. People wandering streets and open areas together and enjoying mother nature. The crisp air is enjoyed by many and it is for these reasons that summertime is one of the favorites for many. Whether you see the bees buzzing or hear the birds chirping, sit back and relax. Enjoy what the world has to offer and let your mind wander.

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