16 Things You Must Do In Madison, WI Before Summer Ends
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16 Things You Must Do In Madison, WI Before Summer Ends

You'll definitely want to cross all of these off your summer bucket list.

16 Things You Must Do In Madison, WI Before Summer Ends

People often rave about how amazing Madison is in the summertime.

The weather is finally warm, the sun is out and there are so many things to do and places to see in this amazing city.

Summer always seems to go by in the blink of an eye, so it's important to keep a list of all the things you want to accomplish before the beautiful season ends.

Although there is definitely so much to do before the summer comes to a close, these are the top 16 things that I think everyone should have on their Madison summer bucket list:

1. Try every food cart on Library Mall

From avocado spring rolls to fresh smoothies, there is a wide variety of food carts at Library Mall. Try a bite from each!

2. Visit the Farmers' Market at Capitol Square

With plants and fresh foods galore, the Farmers' Market is available every Saturday — all summer long!

3. Dive into Lake Mendota

The waters may look cold, but there's nothing like a refreshing swim in Lake Mendota on a hot summer day.

4. Catch a sunrise or sunset at the Terrace

The Terrace has the best views, and a sunrise or sunset will make those views even more breathtaking.

5. View the exhibits at Olbrich Botanical Gardens

Summer is the perfect time to go to the Olbrich Botanical Gardens, where you can view the wonderful exhibits and the Thai Pavillion.

6. Find every Bucky on Parade statue

As a new staple this summer, you will definitely want to try finding every life-size statue from Bucky on Parade — there are 85 of them!

7. Go to a concert at Majestic or the Overture Center

There are great bands playing every week, you'll want to make sure you go to at least one and rock out with your friends.

8. Walk to Picnic Point

If you love beautiful views and nature, you can take the classic Picnic Point walk on a nice day!

9. Go to the Chazen Museum of Art

Chazen is definitely one of Madison's most underrated spots. On a stressful day, view some of the beautiful art that Chazen has to offer.

10. Tour the Capitol or the Wisconsin Historical Society

Madison has a rich history and beautiful buildings to explore, make sure to check out the inside of the Capitol building or the Wisconsin Historical Society.

11. Bike around Lake Monona

Stunning views make exercise relaxing and fun – take your bike on the path around Lake Monona!

12. Go on a Betty Lou Cruise with family and friends

A Betty Lou Cruise on Lake Mendota or Lake Monona is a fun way to spend time with family and friends, as well as celebrate the summer!

13. Try all the popular ice cream places — Babcock Dairy, Chocolate Shoppe and more

Dairy is a stape of Wisconsin and Madison has some of the best ice cream places. Get a few scoops of Babcock Dairy or try some from Chocolate Shoppe for a nice, cold treat on a hot day!

14. Browse the Art Fair Off the Square

Beautiful art will be available for purchase at Art Fair Off the Square, you won't want to miss it this summer.

15. Play a game of miniature golf at Vitense Golfland

A game of miniature golf is the most fun at Vitense Golfland, where there is an awesome indoor and outdoor course. Bring a couple friends and enjoy a competitive game of mini golf!

16. Try new foods at Taste of Madison

Nearing the end of summer, local restaurants will offer foods for purchase at the Taste of Madison. This is a perfect way to try new foods and finally say goodbye to summer.

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