15 Signs Your Hookup Might Turn Into a Relationship
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15 Signs Your Summer Fling Might Be Heating Up Long-Term

Is this the start of something new?

15 Signs Your Summer Fling Might Be Heating Up Long-Term
Paolo Raeli

It's the age-old tale of simple physical attraction blossoming into a fulfilling, loving romance between two very compatible people during the hot summer months...Or is it?

You're back from school for a few months and you've found yourself talking with and experiencing someone new, but you're not sure what you can call "it" just yet. If you're wondering whether or not your partner is ready to take your summer fling to the next level, check out the list below for signs that you might be headed in that direction.

1. Late-night hookups often turn into breakfast dates the next morning

He doesn't kick you out the moment your eyes open. Instead, he suggests that you two freshen up, get dressed, and take a ride to the local diner for some French toast and bacon. Perhaps he's trying to sell himself as some seriously yummy boyfriend material…

2. You don't have sex every time you're alone

There's no pressure for either of you to automatically strip off your clothes when you're alone together. If it happens naturally, then so be it—but otherwise, sharing a quiet moment with cuddles and kisses is just as appealing.

3. You've met their friends and they've met yours

She's told her girlfriends so much about you and can't wait until they have the chance to appreciate your greatness in real life. Hookups tend to be kept anonymous, but her pals have already followed you on Instagram, added you on Snapchat, and comment their love on the photos of you and your sweetheart. So obviously you're a bit more important to your "hookup" than their current classification implies!

4. There's a new element of romance to your relationship

Every touch sends a jolt of electricity through your body. Just thinking about them makes your heart start to race and their voice brings you the greatest sense of calm you've ever felt. It's not just about physical gratification for yourself anymore; it's about sharing passion and intimacy with this person you've come to care for.

5. A lot of your hangouts take place during the day—not late at night

"U up?" texts are a thing of the past. Your sweetie suggests that you go hiking in your local park one day and proposes an ice cream date the next. It's clear that they want to get to know more than just your body to see if you're truly compatible on an emotional and mental level.

6. You're texting and calling each other constantly

You've fallen into a great routine that starts with a sweet "good morning" text and a heartfelt "good night" over the phone as you both lie in your beds. This is much more than a booty call—they are sincerely interested in finding out more about you and want communication to be well-developed in your relationship.

7. They're the first person you think to call when you want to go on a summer adventure or road trip

Your person's got you daydreaming about picturesque summer travels with them by your side, sharing memories that will surely last you a lifetime. And you wouldn't choose just anyone to accompany you as you explore the unknown or revisit the familiar… so this "other" may very well be significant in your life.

8. You know each other's work and class schedules

You don't need to wonder what they might be doing in the moment you think about them. You know when they're in class or at work (and resist the urge to text them accordingly) and can't wait until they're free. Likewise, they anticipate your return whenever you're away, too.

9. You low-key wish you weren't going on vacation because they can't come with you

Vacations are wonderful, but you hate the thought of being separated from your person even just for a few days. The distance alone seems a lot more daunting now that you've got someone on your mind. And you can't even appreciate any attractive tourists you see—no matter where you are, they're all you want to think about.

10. You spend time together in public—not just behind closed doors

A key factor that distinguishes a "friends with benefits" situation from a true relationship is whether or not your partner choose to be seen hanging out with you one-on-one in public. If they only pay attention to you when you've got privacy, there's a good chance that they don't want you to start viewing them as a significant other. But acting couple-y and flirting with each other in public is a huge step towards building a romantic relationship.

11. You're often featured on each other's social media accounts

Snapchat stories, VSCO posts, status updates, and even Tweets containing quotes from one another… you're appearing more and more frequently on each other's social media accounts and it's starting to get the attention of both of your friends. They confront you and ask if you're dating at least once a week…and hopefully soon you can say "yes."

12. You're affectionate with each other outside of the bedroom

Your partner isn't shy about reaching for your hand where everyone can see. You feel comfortable putting your arm around their waist when you're sitting around and chatting with friends. At this rate, forehead and cheek kisses are definitely in your future, my dear.

13. Strangers probably think you two are a couple

Lately, you've been so openly affectionate and playful towards each other that strangers think they're casting knowing smiles your way. If only their assumptions were as real as they felt...

14. Your conversations are more frequent and more in-depth

There's no more room for small talk in your relationship. Your conversations happen as often as they can and revolve around questions that you can't answer with just one or two words. You and your partner want to get to know one another on a deeper level. Whether it's genuine pillow talk or a late-night phone call, it's happening and you couldn't be more excited.

15. They've helped you make this summer the best one yet

You can't remember the last time you enjoyed yourself so much in the company of another person. Just being in the same room as them lights up your world and leaves you always wanting more. It's very likely that, if things continue to progress just as well as they are now, your summertime fling is about to evolve into something even more special.

Don't be discouraged if your hookup isn't interested in being your boyfriend or girlfriend. It's hard to hear at first, but just know that someone who sincerely wants to be yours will do absolutely everything they can to earn that place in your life. Love is right around the corner and it'll run into you when you least expect it!

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