We've all heard of achieving the summer body, but what about creating your summer body during the summer? Summer is a relaxed time where you can get your life back on track. In the middle of ice cream sundaes, chocolate dipped popsicles, and smores, summer is the ultimate time to change your lifestyle. When you get back to campus this fall, everyone's necks will be breaking from staring at your healthy glow.

1. Amazing Grass: Green SuperFood- Lemon Lime


Let's face it. Superfoods taste awful, literally awful. But they're superfoods for a reason and we all need to be getting our daily greens in. Amazing Grass offers over twelve different flavors of their Superfood but the Lemon Lime flavor has been the most edible in my experience. It has a similar Gatorade type of taste to it. You can add it to your favorite smoothie or just stir with some water and cheers yourself into good health.

2. Ankle Weights


What is that around Selena Gomez's ankles? Ankle weights? While Selena may be making these extremely trendy, fitness gurus have been pro-ankle weights for a while now. If you're someone who needs a little extra "umph" in their daily routine and may not have time to go to the gym regularly, ankle weights are the thing for you. You can wear them while you are walking around the house or running around doing your daily things to burn a few extra calories. Plus, if Selena Gomez can rock them, you can too!

3. Fitmiss: Delight Protein Shake in Vanilla Chai


Hey ladies, this one is for you. I've never enjoyed how chalky protein powders can taste but this one I've been a big fan of for awhile. Mix it in with some frozen fruit and coconut water and you'll forget it's even there.

4. Gymshark: Seamless Leggings

Gymshark leggings


You've probably seen these babies on your Instagram more than a few times. I was a disbeliever as well, but Gymshark's seamless leggings are one of the best workout products on the market right now. They're super cute, comfortable and give you all the gym confidence you need to have a killer workout.

5. Resistance Bands


Similar to the ankle weights, this gives a little extra somethin' something to your workout routine. Add this band for squats or floor exercises. If you're not sure how to use it, look it up on YouTube!

6. Hydroflask



The most important part of your workout routine is your water. Water is so incredibly good for you and making sure you are drinking enough water in a day can change your life. If water is too boring for you, add some mint or frozen fruit to it to spice it up. Plus Hydroflasks keep your water cool all day while saving the environment by eliminating plastic water bottles.

7. Nutribullet



Nutribullets are key for making healthy drinks in the morning or afternoon. You can create your protein powder dream shake or your healthy late night milkshake. These little things can be an investment, but they will pay off in the end.