I am nineteen-years-old, which is prime interview time. I am interviewing for clubs, organizations, jobs, and more. It can be stressful and even at times overwhelming. Nonetheless, I constantly learn from each interview I am given.

Last year, I was lucky enough to be involved in an organization called Freshman Forum. It was a group for elite leaders of JSU's freshman class. They taught me a lot about interviews and being professional within the workplace. It helped me gain a lot more confidence when it came to interviews.

I also spoke with two restaurant managers. First, I spoke with Mike Duplantis, my boss, and asked him about what he looks for during an interview. I definitely trust his advice. I work with a fantastic crew that he picked!

I also spoke with Betsy Crank, my grandmother, and got some of her advice from twenty-five years of experience being a restaurant manager. Both my grandmother and Mike have done plenty of interviews and gave many helpful tips.

With all of the advice and information I have gathered, I eventually concluded that these are the twelve most important tips to keep in mind during an interview that will ensure it be successful!

1. Do your research on the company/organization you wish to work for

Have the information you need! Learn about the company and what they expect. Also, try to know the name of the person you are interviewing with.

2. Dress to impress

Look your best. No matter what the job is. Being well dressed shows that you are put together and serious about the opportunity. Plus, it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

3. Come prepared for any questions you think they may ask

Be ready to go. Have a pen. Bring your resume. Do the whole sha-bang. It is better to be over-prepared than underprepared. It's even a good idea to memorize the job requirements and expectations so you can describe yourself in such a way.

4. Arrive early

Get up early, grab your coffee, and go! Early is on time.

5. Put your phone away and give your interviewer your full attention

Get rid of that thing! If you can't take your eyes of it during an interview, how will you get through a whole shift? Your boss will certainly notice. It is rude. DON'T DO IT.

6. Make eye-contact


Make eye-contact. It shows that you are engaged and focused.

7. Speak clearly

Make sure the person interviewing you can understand you. Do not mumble.

8. Say, "yes, and..."

Do not answer with just yes or no. Make sure you answer the yes or no and then explain why or give an example.

9. Listen effectively and be prepared to ask questions

Make sure you understand what you are being told. Also, in order to answer a question, you have to know what is being asked.

10. Try not to fidget

Try to stay focused on the interview. Fidgeting could be distracting for you and the person interviewing you.

11. Have good posture

Having good posture looks more professional. Also, it is better for your back.

12. Be confident

Confidence looks well on you. Get it.

I hope these tips are helpful! Good luck out there. You got this.