"The Office" is by far one of the best television shows of all time. It was funny, heart-melting, and always entertaining, but the true reason that it was so great was because of all the lovable (and some not so lovable) characters. We all have our favorites and our least favorites, and here are mine.

52. Toby Flenderson

He's obviously the worst.

51. Jan Levinson

Jan is satan in human form. She screwed with Michael for years and she also refers to her child as "Assy." I'm glad that your candle company never got off the ground, Jan.

50. Roy Anderson

He treated Pam terribly and also tried to attack Jim and prevent their beautiful love story from reaching fruition.

49. Frank (The Warehouse Guy)

He defaced Pam's beautiful mural and also tried to attack her.

48. Cathy Simms

This is the awful women who tried to sleep with Jim when they were in Tallahassee. Nice try, Cathy.

47. Donna (The Bar Manager)

If you don't remember her, she's the woman who dated Michael while she was married to someone else. She took advantage of a nice guy. Shame on you, Donna.

46. DeAngelo Vickers

The poor guy got brain damage after only a couple weeks on the job. However, he was a sexist d-bag, so worse things have probably happened.

45. Gabe Lewis

Somebody probably should have told him that nobody likes a kiss ass. Also, his relationship with Erin was one of the most cringe-worthy of the entire show.

44. A.J. (Holly's Boyfriend In Nashua)

He's probably an OK guy, but he almost prevented the Holly/Michael love story from happening, so screw you, A.J.

43. Karen Filippelli

This is the same deal as A.J. She seems like an OK person, but anyone who dates Jim who isn't Pam is just the worst.

42. Josh Porter (Stamford Branch Manager)

He screwed over an entire branch and was the reason that Dunder Mifflin Stamford shut down entirely. He also forced employees to play "Call of Duty" while working, so he's essentially an eigth-grade boy.

41. Luke Cooper (Michael's Nephew)

He was a terrible employee and he didn't get along with Michael. His only saving grace is that he was played by Evan Peters.

40. Robert Lipton (The Senator)

He cheated on not one, but two Dunder Mifflin employees. Also, he's a politician so he's an overall grade-A scumbag.

39. Charles Minor

I really wanted to love him because he was played by Idris Elba, but he was mean to Jim, so, naturally, he has to be near the bottom of the list.

38. Todd Packer

He's easily the most heinous character of any show of all time. His jokes were awful, but he was arguably a good friend to Michael, so you can't hate him too much.

37. Katy (The Handbag Lady)

She had great handbags, but was terrible match for Jim. She was a stage-five clinger and I'm not too sorry that she got dumped on a booze cruise.

36. Carol Stills (The Real Estate Agent)

She was pretty boring, but she gets points for being married to Steve Carrell in real life.

35. Danny Cordray

I'm kind of mad at him for calling Pam a dork and for never calling her back for another date, but he's OK, I guess.

34. Isabel Poreba

She slept with Dwight a couple times and whacked Angela in the head, but, other than that, she was pretty "meh" overall.

33. Clark Green

He had some pretty good one-liners, but he was also pretty "meh."

32. Hank Tate (The Security Guard)

His facial expressions were gold. #TeamHank

31. Tony Gardner

All I have to say is: poor Tony.

30. Martin Nash

He was in jail, which is pretty cool, I guess.

29. Sylvia (Pam's Grandma)

She may have disapproved of Jim and Pam's premarital relations, but she had some pretty killer one-liners so I'm not mad at her.

28 & 27. Tom & Pete Halpert

Although they're immature pranksters, they made Pam feel like part of the family.

26. Robert California

He's by far one of the most interesting characters in the entire show. He made that extremely mean winners/losers list, but he was also kind of charming? What's your deal, RC?

25. Brian (The Camera Guy)

He followed the gang around for nine years and also saved Pam from being attacked by Frank, so he's okay in my book.

24. Nellie Bertram

Yes, she was a bit crude and her accent was a tad annoying, but the softer side that she showed towards the end of the series kind of melted my heart.

23. Ryan Howard

He probably should be a lot lower on this list because he was a manipulative drug addict who cost the company thousands when he was an executive, but he's so damn cute.

22. Bob Vance

He ran a successful refrigeration company and treated Phyllis like a queen. Four for you, Bob Vance. You go, Bob Vance.

21. Mose Schrute

He was certifiably insane, but his relationship with Dwight was the absolute. Also, his beard is killer.

20. Helene Beesly

If Michael and her got married it probably would have been the greatest story line of all time and she was a super cute grandmother.

19. Jo Bennett

Does anyone else love the bad*ss southern boss lady played by Kathy Bates? The way that she believed in Michael was totally adorable.

18. Pete Miller

Hes the next generation of Jim Halpert. He was completely goofy and a-dork-able and his relationship with Erin was precious.

17. Meredith Palmer

She may have been a terrible mother, an alcoholic, and a porn addict, but she had spunk and she meant well (probably).

16. Creed Bratton

He is, by far, the king of one-liners. He probably has murdered someone, but we can look past that.

15. David Wallace

God bless his soul for dealing with Michael and the rest of the misfit crew for so long. He also named a children's toy Suck-It, so he wins.

14. Angela Martin

She may have been an icy, condescending, self-righteous you-know-what, but deep down she really did love Dwight and, arguably, the rest of the Dunder Mifflin employees. I see you Angela, I see you.

13. Oscar Martinez

He was the singular voice of reason at Dunder Mifflin. His frustrations with all the shenanigans at the office were always entertaining and his ability to deal with these people was remarkable.

12. Holly Flax

She gets 100,000 points in my book for being Michael's soulmate. She was sweet, funny, and the biggest dork of all time. #Holchael4eva

11. Kevin Malone

He was the lovable office idiot. Yes, he was gross and probably had some sort of mental deficiency, but he was always able to make everyone laugh. The scene where he drops his chili is also probably the best scene in the entire series.

10. Kelly Kapoor

She's the undisputed queen of sass in Scranton. She knew what she wanted (attention) and always went out of her way to get it (by any means necessary). If she ran for president, I would vote for her.

9. Stanley Hudson

He was the master of the eye roll. His laugh was contagious and his complete and utter disdain for everyone in the office was beautiful.

8. Phyllis Lapin-Vance

Phyllis and Bob were the definition of relationship goals. Phyllis started off a meek mother figure who acted like a welcome mat, but by the end of the series she was a boss *ss lady who didn't let anyone tell her what to do.

7. Andy Bernard

Andy's true passion for nicknames and acapella singing groups really made you want to root for him. The only reason that he isn't higher on the list is because of his mid-life crisis in the last season where he left Erin to become a captain of a boat. We were all rooting for you, Andy.

6. Erin Hannon

There is literally nothing bad to say about Erin. She was adorable when dating Andy and adorable when dating Pete. Her father/daughter-like relationship with Michael was also pretty cute and if you're telling me that you didn't tear up when she met her birth parents, you're lying.

5. Darryl Philbin

Pippity Poppity give me the Zoppity. Easily the wittiest character on the entire show, Darryl's a gem.

4. Pam Beesly-Halpert

She started out as a mild-mannered receptionist in a bad relationship and ended up as a strong woman with the best husband in the world. She was the glue that held everyone in the office together and her relationship with Jim made me cry on more than one occasion. She's the true queen of Dunder Mifflin.

3. Jim Halpert

If you watched this show and you don't believe that you're in love with Jim, you're lying to yourself. His charisma, his humor, his facial expressions, and his undying love for Pam made him the perfect human specimen. You've raised the standard for all other men, Halpert.

2. Dwight Schrute

He's obviously the most majestic and untamed character of any show in the history of the world and the best assistant to the regional manager of all time. His loyalty to Michael was above and beyond and if anyone deserved to be regional manager, it was Dwight.

1. Michael Gary Scott

Who else could possibly be at the top of the list? How did we survive two seasons without Michael Scott? He was the definition of ridiculous and his love for Dunder Mifflin and all of his employees was beautiful. All that he ever wanted in life was a family, even though he always had one at the office.

Dunder Mifflin,