12 Rumi Quotes To Lead You Into The New Year
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12 Rumi Quotes To Lead You Into The New Year

You know when your new year starts, so celebrate then and begin the life you want.

12 Rumi Quotes To Lead You Into The New Year

Hello Friend,

Welcome to 2018! Today I want to offer some words of wisdom for you to add to your life from a person who had our world figured out a long time ago, Rumi. I love wise words and positive messages and the advice I’m offering is the words that I need to say to myself and I want to share them for those who need them too.


Everyone has a passion and opportunities will present themselves at the right time. Setting a resolution is a lofty goal, but taking the opportunities as they come is allowing you to do what you really want.


Perceiving ourselves as ordinary is going to make us feel ordinary. We all have a purpose and without attempting to make ourselves noticed, we are keeping our part of the world hidden from everyone else.


We learn by experiencing and the only way to learn to overcome something is to feel it. Nobody wants to feel pain, but we won’t grow very much without it.


Holy self-worth. Our greatest beauty is hidden within us so people have to get to know our personality rather than judge us by our looks. People hold their beauty in their soul, and our body is just the display case.


This is a big one. If you struggle to take criticism from others, you are basically saying you are perfect. NO human is perfect or will ever be. Take the criticism and learn from it. Whether it be the criticism you get from someone that you trust or not, take it and decide if it serves you. If not, let it go. You are too important to be defined by other people’s opinions.


What are you waiting for? New year, new month, a new day? Every day you wake up is a new day, so if January 1st isn’t a good day, the 2nd works too, or the 10th or the 23rd or even some random day in April. You know when your new year starts, so celebrate then and begin the life you want.


Someone told me about this quote and it still makes me feel at peace every time I hear it. The world feels so rigid right now about who is right and who is wrong, so if you are feeling overwhelmed or screaming inside “Why can’t we just get along” (me), look for the people who are aware AND involved. Find the people who make you feel valued for your opinion and stay close to them. The good people are out there, you just need to reach out to them.


You can’t have a perfect past and be real. Everyone has made mistakes. What matters is what you give off as a result. Do you want to be contained and give off a light, or be out of control and burn down everything in your past?


Can there be a new term called “necessary silence”, because awkward silences make me feel uncomfortable? Not because it’s quiet, but because nobody accepts it for what it is. Maybe if we let the silence speak for itself, we could find the answer rather than ignore the problem.


Everything in your mind that holds you back is not getting you anywhere. Staying in your comfort zone won’t change anything, so if it changes you seek, take yourself out and say “no” to what holds you back. Make what is unknown to you smaller by making your comfort zone bigger.


The things that you want are a part of you for a reason. This year, take a chance and pay attention to what is going on around you. There is never a right time, so if you want something, give it a try and see if it really is meant to be.


If you liked this list, share it, print it, put it somewhere you will always see it, There are 12 quotes for 12 months, so if you want to make one your monthly motto, do it. My goal is to change people’s lives with these words.

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