As a girl that wore a uniform to school from Kindergarten to 12th grade, you can imagine what a struggle it was when I got to college and realized that I would be responsible for actually looking presentable every day. I did not realize how much I had taken the last 13 years for granted. I had the luxury of waking up 5 minutes before it was time to leave for school and get dressed without a second thought. The only thing that required thought was how to do my hair, which would normally end up in a messy bun or ponytail. In fact, I was so comfortable with my routine of putting on a uniform that I would get dressed without turning the lights on. For a non-morning person like myself, this was the perfect and most low effort routine. So, as you might have guessed, the first day of college was a struggle.

The morning of my first college class I woke up in a panic. What do I wear? How do people dress for class? Do I have to put on makeup? Is a messy bun still acceptable? What colors match each other? In this moment I realized that I truly missed having a uniform. There are so many things that I now have to worry about, that I never did in the past.

For example, I didn't know that dressing for the weather could be difficult. When I was in a uniform, it did not matter what the weather was. It didn't even cross my mind in the morning. I would still be required to wear the same skirt and polo no matter what. And yes, I will admit, I was THAT girl who ran down the stairs and went outside in her pajamas before class started to feel that air temperature before getting changed. I was also THAT girl who kept asking her roommates what would be socially acceptable to wear to class.

Another thing that I took for granted was the very small amount of laundry I had to do when I was in a uniform. I would only have to wash one uniform and the three outfits that I wore on the weekends. And to add on that, my mom helped me. Now, here I am. In college. With no uniform and no mom. Although I have tons more clothes to wash, I have developed an effective system. Overall, I have adapted to the non-uniform college life that is now normal to me and although I do miss my uniform wearing days, I definitely have a better excuse to go shopping for new clothes now :)

So if you're like me and are struggling to find a new outfit every day, don't worry! Just look around campus for the girl that is not wearing an outfit that matches (me), and know that you're not alone!