Having glasses is both irritating and also fun at times. It can be exciting to accessorize, while also being a huge inconvenience. Here’s the struggles us four-eyed folks face daily.

1. You can’t wear sunglasses

Unless you buy contacts, you’re stuck wearing your regular glasses no matter HOW bright it is outside. Let’s face it, those weird lenses that go over top your glasses look like something your dad would wear, and prescription sunglasses will cost you your left kidney.

2. The endless life of smudges

Face oil, sweat, makeup, wiping your glasses becomes an all-day event. They never seem completely clean, and you grow accustomed to just always having things a little bit blurry from smudged lenses.

3. You’re basically always going to look like a nerd

Sometimes looking like a hipster goes with your outfit perfectly, but it doesn’t always look hot when you’re preparing for a night on the town.

4. They’re expensive

I always kind of choke when I’m looking at new frames and they estimate how much my lenses will be. Oh, sure, I didn’t need to pay rent this month anyway!

5. Other people wear them as fun accessories

There’s really nothing more annoying than seeing people wear fake glasses as an accessory when yours are genuinely to improve your vision. Like hello, I CAN’T SEE!

6. You can’t really go swimming

You can’t wear your glasses in the water, and swimming with contacts in is quite risky. Guess you’re going water blind!

7. The struggle of contacts

Trying to put contacts in every morning can be such a hassle. You’re constantly poking yourself in the eye, and if they get dry your eyeballs feel like sandpaper. Not to mention they can fall out and then you’re half-blind!

8. Frames can give you a headache

I hate that feeling when I’ve worn my glasses all day and my face is tired of them being there. It starts to give me a headache, but taking them off means I can’t see.

9. You can’t see in the shower

Everything is supposed to look kind of blobby, right? Wait, is this shampoo or conditioner?

10. They ruin your makeup

The amount of money I spend at Ulta and Sephora makes wearing glasses even more irritating. Who is going to appreciate my eye make up when they can’t see my eyes?! Not to mention the fact that my glasses are always covered in makeup. Endless smudges…. Did I mention how long I spent on that contouring?!

11. Playing sports often means wearing a headband on your frames

How exactly does one play a contact sport without their glasses flying off? Mine fall off with light running! Those military goggles will never be sexy…

12. Rain and snow equal blurred vision

You basically need mini windshield wipers for your face. The constant water on your lenses makes you feel like you’re not even wearing your glasses. You can’t see clearly either way.

13. You will always have a glare in pictures

No matter what angle you put that camera, you’re doomed to always have some form of glare from your lenses. You might as well crop half your face out. It doesn’t look like you anyway.

Wearing glasses might not be the end of the world, but it can sure provide a struggle! It takes some effort, but we can still wear them proudly!