Ah, summer. The time of many great things, lounging poolside, warm weather, and of course no school. However, as great as summer is, there is one major downside all those pesky bugs that won't stop biting you! If you're like me, you seem to be a homing beacon for every sort of blood-sucking insect you can think of leaving you itching and miserable. There are many different remedies that one can try, but one stands out amongst the rest… lavender oil!

Lavender oil is almost magic when applied to mosquito bites. I'm allergic to those bites, and so mine don't just itch, they hurt. Sure baking soda paste or clear nail polish stop the itching, but not the pain. That's where the lavender oil comes in. Apply the oil directly to the bite for instant relief of both itching and pain from bug bites! Have so many bites you don't want to apply oil everywhere to? Simple! Just run a bath and add in a good bit of lavender oil and mix it up. Viola! Instant relief for all those horrible bug bites. Now go forth and enjoy your summer itch-free!