Your boyfriend is not your savior

Ladies, Stop Expecting Your Boyfriend To Be Your Savior

He will never match up.

Megan Aaron

You're hurting, you turn to him. You're crying, you lean on him. You excel, you seek his praise. You feel pretty, you want his attention. You're struggling, you want him to save you. He will never fulfill your needs. He won't. Read that again. No matter how perfect and good and holy he may be, he will never fulfill your needs. He will always let you down. So stop expecting him to be your savior. Cause he's not.

The minute you see your significant other as your savior is the minute you sign up for complete disappointment and the minute you shut God out of your life and place an all powerful, all loving, and all holy presence, on the weight of your human, weak, and sinful significant other.

You're demanding things from your significant other that they can never give you, and that's not fair.

I don't say this to make it seem like humans will only disappoint and never be there for you. I say this because so many marriages and hurting relationships end up in divorce or break up because we play expectations on our significant other that no human can fulfill. We're prone to fall short, mess-up, miscommunicate, and sin. There will be times when you'll be so vulnerable and open with your significant other and they won't hear you. There will be times when you'll get home from a tough day at work and need to talk to them but they'll already be asleep.

And while these things will suck and be hard. They're human and they're common and I like to think they happen cause God's asking for our attention for once. There's a reason people say the trinity symbolizes marriage sometimes. There are three beings involved. You, your spouse, and Christ Himself. So turn to Him as your Savior. He IS your Savior. Know that He will never let you down, and in turn, learn to love your spouse as Christ loves you.

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