Steve Bannon, Alt-Right's Mascot

Steve Bannon, Alt-Right's Mascot

Is there going to be a conservative movement in the Trump staff?

Since Donald Trump got elected, there has been curiosity regarding what direction he intends to steer the United States.

There have been many protests around the country, disapproving Trump as President. To feel ever more fearful, Trump has been assembling his executive committee and cabinet. Specifically, one has been anointed as Chief Strategist in the Executive Branch: Stephen Bannon.

Bannon has been a trending individual in the news media. He is an American businessman and media executive. Steve Bannon was an investment banker with Goldman Sachs, then left launched a media-focused bank called Bannon & Co. Bannon made successful equity from the television show Seinfield and sold his business and became an executive movie producer in Hollywood, California. He produced and directed numerous films; some emphasize a right-wing compass like Occupy Unmasked. He eventually left the entertainment industry and focused more on political media.

Bannon has quite a diverse background, but essentially, he’s been publicly criticized for being an “Alt-Right” in the political spectrum. Bannon’s ex-wife has called him an anti-Semitic, which he denies.

Bannon is an executive chairman for a news outlet called Breitbart News, which is considered the far-right in news media. It attracts men’s right activists and white nationalists and has received accusations of Islamophobia. There were countless speculations Trump was highly favored on this news site during the presidential campaign. Bannon was also Donald Trump’s campaign manager, which would be a validation towards Trump favoritism in Breitbart.

Ben Shapiro, former editor-at-large of Breitbart, confirmed under Bannon’s leadership that the website has pushed white ethno-nationalism, and on the site, comments are filled with white supremacist annotations.

Alt-Right is basically far-right in politics; it focuses on more traditional aspects. Being far-right identifies a high-level of conservativism or extreme nationalism, which can oppose a lot of the socialism and modernism in the current society of the United States.

People who are far-right can be identified with conservative categories like fascism, Nazism, racist, xenophobic and the opposition to immigration. Affiliations of these particular groups can be lead to oppression and violence. With these type of far-right characteristics, will it play a role with Bannon on a national government plane?

It’s hard to gauge the motivations of Bannon, yet easy to feel fearful and furious of the Republican take-over. Americans who oppose this should be highly concerned when Trump’s presidency comes to affect where it will staff with skeptical, affluent, right side government influence.

Cover Image Credit: Trump & Bannon // BET

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50 Things To Be Happy About

It's the little things in life.

It is always easier to pick out the negatives in life. We tend to dwell on them and drown out the happy moments. I asked a friend to tell me something that made them happy. They sarcastically laughed at my question then thought about it for a minute. Nothing. But they could easily come up with things that made them unhappy. Then I read them my list, and they were smiling and laughing in agreement the whole time. There are so many more things to be happy and laugh about than we realize. After all- it's the little things in life that can mean the most! Here are 50 things that make me happy. What are your 50?

  1. The first warm day of the year
  2. Laughing so hard your abs ache
  3. Freshly washed sheets
  4. Looking through old pictures
  5. The smell of a coffee shop
  6. Eating cookie dough
  7. Reading a bible verse that perfectly fits your current situation
  8. Seeing someone open a gift you got them
  9. Eating birthday cake
  10. A shower after a long day
  11. Marking something off your to-do list
  12. Drinking ice cold water on a really hot day
  13. Dressing up for no reason
  14. Breakfast food
  15. Being able to lay in bed in the morning
  16. Finding something you love at the store
  17. And it’s on sale
  18. Cute elderly couples
  19. When a stranger compliments you
  20. Getting butterflies in your stomach
  21. Taking a nap
  22. Cooking something delicious
  23. Being lost for words
  24. Receiving a birthday card in the mail
  25. And there's money in it
  26. Finally cleaning your room
  27. Realizing how fortunate you are
  28. Waking up from a nightmare and realizing it wasn't real
  29. Fresh fruit
  30. Walking barefoot in the grass
  31. Singing along to a song in the car
  32. Sunrises
  33. Sunsets
  34. Freshly baked cookies with a glass of milk
  35. Summertime cookouts
  36. Feeling pretty
  37. Looking forward to something
  38. Lemonade
  39. Comfortable silences
  40. Waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you have more time to sleep
  41. Surviving another school year
  42. The cold side of the pillow
  43. The smell of popcorn
  44. Remembering something funny that happened
  45. Laughing to yourself about it
  46. Feeling weird about laughing to yourself
  47. Printed photographs
  48. Wearing a new outfit
  49. The sound of an ice cream truck
  50. Feeling confident
Cover Image Credit: Tumblr

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That One Time I May Have Shot An Ex-Police Officer

Yeah, you heard me.


In England, we don't really have guns, maybe hunting guns but I think it's pretty rare. Anyway, point is, barely any guns. I have never seen a gun, shot a gun, I don't even know anybody that owns a gun so as an exchange student in Oklahoma it's a novelty to visit a gun range.

I was pretty nervous about shooting but the instructor was super nice and told us how to hold the gun and load it before we went into the range. He also let us ask any questions we had about guns and explained the process of getting a gun in Oklahoma and he said he had visited Europe and was talking about England, and how he used to be a cop and opened his own gun shop. Basically a really really nice guy, which honestly makes harming him ten times worse.

We went into the range and we were shooting a 22 caliber and another guy at the range, I'm assuming a regular, asked if we wanted to fire his revolver so of course, we said yes.

This gun was definitely heavier and the trigger was super hard to pull but he kept his hand on the gun whilst I struggled with the trigger and then I fired it.

I heard a bang and I heard a yell.

I turned around and he was holding his thumb and there was blood dripping onto the floor. At this point, I thought I had shot him, so you can imagine the sheer level of panic that I was feeling.

The color drained from my face and I was frozen solid and all I could say was, "are you okay?" which was answered with a "Ma'am, put the gun down."

Basically, I'm freaking out and I look over at the lads for some form of reassurance, which was met with them looking equally as freaked out as me. So I asked,

"Do we need to call someone?"

"Yep. We are definitely gonna have to call someone"

So at this point, my nerves were shattered and I had no idea what was going on or what the procedure is for this sort of thing. I mean, the guy also took it like a champ and barely even winced and kept repeating "little lady, you're fine" – safe to say I did not feel fine nor did the situation, in my eyes, look at all fine.

Luckily the regulars knew what to do and took him to the ER so we were left in the store with another regular shooter.

Everyone else went back out to shoot but I didn't feel like assaulting/ shooting/ potentially murdering anyone else so I decided to sit this round out and talk to the woman that stayed with us and he called and said it wasn't me, something came off the bullet or gun and went into his hand- so no I didn't actually shoot him and he was going to be okay.

The point of this now very funny story is that whilst guns are cool they're also pretty dangerous.

I have no idea how someone can participate in these mass shootings because I didn't even shoot someone, only thought I did, and it was probably the most terrifying moment of my life.

So, if you are around guns, have fun, be safe and try not to send your instructor to the ER.

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