Friday Night Lights

High School football has become bigger and bigger over the years. Not only do we focus on the game but there's a lot more that goes into the game day preparation. I want to give you a run down of how my game day goes.

1. The day before:

- Get dressed up with themed clothes for the week.

- Your costume has to be on point! It's my senior year and I must go all out on every dress up day.


Game day:

2. Pre-game football breakfast:

-The football team and cheerleaders all eat breakfast together at a local church who bless all of us with a wonderful meal.

- There is always a motivational speech by someone who gets everyone hyped for the game.

3. Pictures:

- We meet in the parking lot to take pictures in our costumes.

- This is where all the memories are made.

- Must have the best lighting for every picture.

- Post all pictures on any source of social media

4. Pep Rally:

- At the end of the day, we have a lit (fun) pep-rally. This is where we have a spirit line for the team and all types of relays and prizes.

- We have 45 minutes to get as turn't up (excited) as we possibly can before we go to the game.


- We get to the game hours early.

-The students have a tailgate including food, corn hole, loud music, and fun.

- The cheerleaders hang up spirit signs and get the crowd ready for the game.

- The boys pick a crazy slogan to paint on their chest.

-The student section fills up : seniors MUST be on the bottom, everyone else at the top. (This becomes an all out war, underclassman never wants to move)

- We cheer on the team to a victory or a loss

-We sing the alma mater with honor and pride and we wave our Austin flag in the air.

6. After the game:

- Dinner with all of my friends.

- Laughing and joking around at about eleven or twelve o'clock is the best part of the night.

7. Sleep:

- Have good night and rest.

- Get ready to do it all over again on the next Friday!

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