12 Things That Us Absegami Braves Knows Best
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12 Things That Us Absegami Braves Knows Best

Because once a brave, always a brave.

12 Things That Us Absegami Braves Knows Best
This is Absegami- "Gami Tv"

High school was a mixture of being excited for the next four years to be over so I can get out of here, yet it was also memorable to a certain extent. I hated high school more than anything. (I had a countdown till graduation)

But the thing is, there's always something unique that I will never forget about my high school. Even though half of the time I spent complaining and exclaiming how I'm so excited to head to college.

I was privileged enough to attend Absegami High School. If you're from my town, you know you either went to Cedar Creek, Oakrest, Absegami, or to a private school. It's sort of like a small town feel but at the same time it's not. For one thing, running in to people that you may know or someone that you associate with knows is inevitable.

Absegami High School was a quaint school with so many opportunities if you put yourself out there. During those four years, friendships, relationships were built, and even networking with fellow teachers who were always willing to help you out in your future endeavors. Those four years were the cross bridge between the real world and adolescence.

Going to this high school has brought so many memories and opportunities. Even though I pretty much lived at school with all of the extracurricular activities that I was involved in, there wasn't a day that I would take back. It was worth it for sure. As an Absegami graduate, you grew accustomed to the traditions that the school has, school wide activities, and the best part... Friday night lights. So here are just a few things that an Absegami student/ alumni can definitely relate to or knows:

1. Thanksgiving Games gets very real with our rivals.

Brown. Gold. White. We wear it with pride. Thanksgiving comes once a year, but yet the best part about this day isn't just about the turkey later on. For the cheerleaders, players, and the amazing parents and faculty who volunteers their time in order to host an annual breakfast for everyone. I for one couldn't eat that day because I was just so excited to get out there and cheer...even in the cold.

2. Bonfires.

Even though the faculties were a tad bit iffy about bringing back bonfires, it still feels awesome that they finally caved in over it. There's nothing better than standing by a big bonfire on a cool autumn night and surrounded by your friends and fellow classmates while you watch a paper mache of the rival team mascot. It's an awesome memory to be saved in the memory bank to look back on someday.

3. You will love/hate some teachers.

You will not love everyone, nor will you hate everyone. Some teachers you can just vibe with and some are just stick to the rules bore but that's okay. You have one year to get to know that teacher and learn their ways... I'm sure you will/have figure it out. But always remember that all they want is for you to get the best education you can ever get.

4. Pep rally.

Pep rallies are a big thing. It's so big that they even change a full day schedule to a half a day. Every year there's a certain theme and each class gets a specific thing from that category. Everyone gets dressed up, and everyone wants to win the contest at the end of the pep rally. So in order to win at the end, each class must win more mini games that are held throughout. But let's not forget about the best part about these pep rallies, because in my opinion the guys dressed as cheerleaders and shaking what their mama gave them is something that no one should miss.

5. The guidance was the spot.

Whenever you have free time, this was always the best spot. Why? Simply because everyone's so nice and welcoming and they have food... no one can ever go wrong with food. However, 99.9 percent of the time some people go to the guidance to visit their favorite guidance counselor and just talk. Trust me, they enjoy visits.

6. Over the years you form a bond with faculties.

Four years isn't that long. However, four years is long enough for someone to really get to know someone. Faces are soon familiarized and soon enough a simple gesture of "hello's" and "how are you's" are going to be exchanged. And you never know, maybe the next year you will have that same teacher. If you think about it, it's a small little world. At the end of the four years, you'll have teachers that you will keep in touch with and network about future endeavors in academics.

7. Passing time is always a mess.

I bet you're picturing that specific hallway by the stairs when you think about passing time. I don't know why but every time that bell rings, that same exact spot always gets clogged with people pushing, talking, hugging and maybe kissing. We're all just trying to get to point A to point B under five minutes...no big deal!

8. State tests.

In New Jersey, all high school students are required to take a state test in order to graduate. Failure to do so just means that you can't walk with your cap and gown along with the rest of your class. My class was the last class who had the privilege to take the easy, traditional test where bubbling letters were made complicated. Now everything is done electronically and tests are done through the computer. No one enjoys these standardized testing days, the only best part is the discombobulated schedule that motivates some teachers to not teach.

9. Substitute teachers.

There are uncool subs and there are very cool subs. And over the years you will get to know these teachers and realize that they're actually pretty nice people. (If you give out food, your substitute teacher perks just exceeded to a whole different level). Everyday is always another day for a miracle, that maybe your teacher will call out and a substitute teacher will be sitting at her desk.

10. Lip Dub.

It's a fairly new tradition where the whole school come together and pretty much lip sync songs throughout the halls and representing the club that you're involved in. I mean the day itself takes a whole lot of prepping, rehearsals and talking to administrators about making it happen. But it's another day of screwed up schedules, meaning no classes for the day.

11. Shows.

Absegami High School was the home of the Emanon players. They certainly know how to put on a good show leaving the audiences speechless and even maybe with goosebumps. I know my favorites were definitely Sweeney Todd and Seussical. We also held other shows such as the talent show, Mr. Absegami, lip sync, and best of all the dance shows that were put together by the talented dancers that we have.

12. Alumni

Nothing like walking in to your old school with your head held high and just reminiscing about all the memories that were made there. I don't know about you but meeting fellow alum and sharing all those old time stories are simply the best. Always remember your stepping ground, because no matter what you've made a mark somehow.

There were bad times and certainly a lot of good times. There were also moments where stressing about that one thing was the biggest issue at the time and when all else fails... it will be the end of the world.

I know sometimes we wish we knew the things we know now then. But if you think about it, what's the fun of that? Even though I spent half of the time looking forward for college, I have nothing but real love for the school with giving me the memories that I will never forgot. Once a brave, Always a brave.

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