15 Things to Know Before Starting Senior Year
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15 Things to Know Before Starting Senior Year

Go and live up the last year!

15 Things to Know Before Starting Senior Year
Katelyn Forsyth

Summer is finally here and that means senior year is slowly approaching for many. This year will be a year full of laughter, tears, and tons of memories. Here’s a few things I wish I knew before my senior year!

1. Don’t wish it away

Senior year goes by in a flash. DO NOT count down the days till graduation. Live in the moment. Enjoy your senior year one day at a time. It will be over before you know it.

2. Buy a yearbook

You’re going to make tons of memories this year! A lot of those memories are going to be documented in your yearbook. GET ONE. You are going to want to reminisce about your senior year in the future.

3. Start applying for college

It is never too early to apply for college. there is no limit on how many colleges you can apply to. As teenagers, we like to procrastinate, but DO NOT wait until the last minute to find your perfect college.

4. Go to school events

I promise you will regret not going to football games, homecoming, basketball games, winter formal, baseball games, prom, etc. This is YOUR year. You’re the top dog. Go make memories that will last a lifetime.

5. Hang out with your friends as much as possible

Once college starts, friendships with your high school friends get difficult. Spend senior year with your besties! These memories will last a lifetime too!

6. Spend time with your family

Especially if you're going off to college, soak up all the time you have with your family. Soak up all the love, rules, and nagging the is right under your nose. Believe it or not, you are going to miss it.

7. YOU time is necessary

Don't get so caught up in the process that you forget to focus on yourself. Open a book, watch your favorite Netflix show, treat yourself to coffee!

8. Go on adventures

M E M O R I E S. fill your senior year with unforgettable memories. This is your last chance. After this year, you’re done. Live it up while you can.

9. Get out of your comfort zone

Ask that person out, go to that party, make friends with the person you never thought you’d be friends with. Don’t be scared of rejection!

10. Senioritis is okay

It is 100% okay to be excited to be a senior! This year will be one of the best! It’s okay to want to be done, just don’t let your excitement get in the way of fully experiencing senior year!

11. Seek wisdom from those around you

Even though you’re the big dog in the school, don’t ever stop seeking wisdom from your teachers, your classmates, even underclassmen. You’re gonna learn so many things this year, soak it all up before you leave for college.

12. Don't hold grudges

People are always going to hurt you, but learn to forgive. Holding grudges will only hurt you in the future! Make sure you end your high school days with no regrets.

13. Save money!

Senior year comes along with many expenses! It is always good to go out with your friends and have fun, but a night in watching movies is just as fun! Save your money senior year because college only gets more expensive.

14. Be you

Open up and be yourself this year. Show people the real you! Do not be scared to be yourself. People are going to love you!!

15. Graduating doesn’t sink in till it’s over

Graduating high school is such a big accomplishment. Something we all have looked forward to since we were five, but the feeling of actually being a high school graduate doesn’t register until the day is long gone. Before you know it, you’re going to be moving into your dorm room.

As you start your senior year, keep these things in mind. Go and live it up this last year and make it the best!

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