Growing up in a golf-loving family, I've always been exposed to the sport and everything it encompasses. However, even if you've never been interested in golf before, it's never too late to give it a shot - literally.

And no, I'm not just talking about Top Golf. But it's a start. If you live in Orlando, I would recommend Drive Shack, since it's closer to the actual game of golf.

Here are four reasons you should book a tee time right now.

1. It's therapeutic.

Some sports can easily become high-stress and high-anxiety inducing hobbies. However, since golf is more of a mental game than a physical game, it can actually be very relaxing and therapeutic. I personally love to go hit some balls when I'm having a bad day or feeling overwhelmed. Something about the calming silence and bright greens immediately lift my spirits.

2. It's a lifetime sport.

Golf is one of the few sports you can play from childhood until your elder years. That's why falling in love with the game can keep you happy and healthy throughout your entire life. I recommend starting early so that you can build up your skill set and show up all of your friends when you join one of those senior leagues down the road.

3. It may help you in business situations.

It's very common for business professionals to join each other for a round of golf. Something about the sport makes it a staple for business meetings for those who are tired of fancy dinners. Being good at golf may be that one thing that makes you stand out during a business negotiation.

4. It sharpens your focus.

As I stated before, golf is a mental game. It takes a lot of focus and determination to master. Playing a lot of golf has definitely helped me sharpen my focus, especially when it comes to courses that facilitate a lot of target golf. There's nothing better than playing a sport that strengthens you both mentally and physically.

Not doing anything? Bored at home? Finished your Netflix series? Go book a tee time at a local course right now!